The woman noticed an unusual mark on the tree trunk. Then she noticed something different

Lea was near the house when she saw something unusual. A sign hanging from a tree, written in large square letters.

Someone, for some unknown reason, needs the world to know that their dog (or canine) climbs a tree and that’s okay. It seemed an unusual message to convey to the world.

In any case, until then, for a second, everything seems fine with some of the more obvious situations. Goldstein was surprised to discover a vegetative Chihuahua nearby. That’s where the dog should be, though.

She is Dana. She lives in the house on that corner. Dana was acquired by Lilia and her family last year, and they soon discovered that she was a dog that loves plants.

Dana discovered that she could climb that tree and keep an eye on the world around the submarines. It was interesting that she was allowed to go out on the terrace.

Occasionally a small group of people would gather under the tree, the tension making it impossible for the dog to get down.

Honestly, no matter what, Dana never slowed down. It is ready to go around the whole tree on the heg successfully.

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