The Voice NOIVAS Wife: Who Is Elissa Henry? Her Age, Job

when is the end of Vote The third season began on May 22, 2023 with each of the top 5 contestants tasked with singing one ballad and one upbeat song. Blake Shelton’s Team NOIVAS was one of them. The country singer came up with a theme of his genre for Chris Stapleton’s “Cold,” and for the last song he gave away with Lenny Kravitz’s “Fly Away.”

2023, as well as returning to music with a feature on NBC Vote he went on to have a happy life with his partner Elissa Henry. We will reveal who she is in the rest of the text.

Meet Elisa Henry, Vote wife

NOIVAS has been with Elissa Henry since 2015.

On February 15, 2022, NOIVAS took to his Instagram @noivaswright to tell the world that he and Elissa had just spent Valentine’s Day together. Furthermore, he said that it was the first time for him as human parents. He then told his queen “I love you” adding that he can’t wait to continue to be the perfect example of a loving, protective and supportive partner his little ones will grow up to be. It is certainly not the first time, we have seen NOIVAS talking at length about Elissa. There were many other opportunities. Before that, he once even admitted that he wouldn’t be where she is today if it weren’t for his “beautiful black woman, partner and best friend, in my life.”

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Until May 2023, NOIVAS was never seen calling Wlissa his wife. Even in his BIO on his own website (, she is only associated with him as a partner.

Elissa Henry and the children of NOIVAS

Together, Elissa Henry and NOIVAS are parents to two beautiful daughters, Bella and Ira, and fur babies Abby and Bear.

Irys Rose, aka Ira, turned 6 months old on February 22, 2023. And when that happened, NOIVAS took to her social media to explain how she started celebrating a half birthday after losing her brother.

Isabella, also known as Bella Roux or Little Cowgirl, turned 18 months old on January 19, 2023.

Elissa and NOIVAS have always been very excited about their journey as parents. In September 2022, before Ira showed up, the five, including their two fur babies and a human baby, rented a villa on a private beach in East Florida for a week for their babymoon. They thought of celebrating as one last vacation before becoming parents to two children.

Elissa especially enjoys bird watching with her children and running with her dogs.

He is also an avid tennis fan. But she would rather play it than watch it. Also, when she’s done having fun with the kids, she tunes in to legal dramas.

Is Elissa Henry on Instagram?

That. Elissa Henry can be found on Instagram. As of May 23, 2023, her account here (@ellie_trill) included 78 posts and 694 followers.

Elissa also showed snippets of her life on the ‘Elissa Henry’ Facebook. “There is nothing enlightening about trying to make other people feel insecure around you,” she wrote here in her BIO. Also, here is the latest updated post from her informing people to vote for the ending. Vote is closed. In addition, she assured fans that no matter who wins, each of the top 5 contestants in the finale, including her man, will have numerous opportunities to continue their music career.

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Elisa Henry Age

Elissa Henry was born in 1989. So, in 2022, she turned 33 years old.

elisa henry work

In addition to being grateful to Elissa for being his wife, partner, and best friend, NOIVAS has always appreciated Elissa for becoming a perfect lawyer. For the uninitiated, Elissa is a highly trained attorney who specializes in auto accident, probate, and family immigration.

According to LinkedIn, she was the owner/managing attorney of Elissa I. Henry Law Firm in Austin, Texas since November 2016.

Elissa’s passion for this specific career began in 2001 after a pivotal personal experience. Her father was the victim of reckless driving and was forced to stay in a hospital bed for months. Meanwhile, Elissa visited her father every day after school and accompanied him to physical therapy. Her interest and involvement in her case grew over time, as she attended all meetings with her attorney.

  • When is Elissa Henry’s birthday?

Elissa Henry’s birthday is August 23, which makes her a Leo.

  • Where is Elisa Henry from?

Unlike his girlfriend, Elissa Henry hails from New York, New York.

Crazy about NOIVAS hats, being a country boy, NOIVAS has always made his home not far than 25 miles outside the Austin, Texas city limits.

  • Where was Elissa Henry educated?

Elissa Henry studied Juris Doctorate (JD), Commercial Litigation at Baylor University School of Law (2013 – 2015). While she was there, she not only dedicated her time and resources to serving the community, but she also served as associate editor of the Baylor Law Review.

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Before that, between 2007 and 2010, he majored in English and American Literature at New York University. She here she also was an orientation leader, peer mentor and academic mentor.

Elissa’s bilingualism in English and Spanish has allowed her to serve a broader audience and diversify her services.

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