“The Recruit” A Thriller Series Is Set To Premiere On Netflix Soon

According to CinemaBlend, Netflix’s new horror series Recruit, starring Noah Centine, is scheduled to premiere on the platform on Friday, December 16, 2022, at 3:01 a.m. ET hours. The plot revolves around a CIA lawyer entangled in a complex global political web while investigating the danger posed by an old property.

Noah Centineo stars, with Aarti Mann as Violet, Vondie Curtis-Hall as Walter Nyland and Kristian Bruun as Janus Ferber appearing in major supporting roles. Recruit is directed by Alexi Hawley, a television writer known for credits including The Rookie and Exorcist: The Beginning.

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Recruitment on Netflix: trailer, narrative summary, what to expect and more info

On November 16, 2022, Netflix released the official trailer for The Recruit, offering a glimpse into protagonist Owen Hendricks’ turbulent existence. In the trailer’s opening scene, Hendricks is questioned by a senior CIA official about his experience. The main story is set right off the bat, as the footage shows the CIA receiving letters from various individuals threatening to reveal classified documents in exchange for favors.

According to the teaser, Noah’s character is tasked with solving the mystery. His character, Hendricks, is said to be under a lot of stress and panic trying to solve any problems that come his way. The trailer then briefly shows some of the key sequences from the show without giving out any information that might spoil the viewing experience. Along with the teaser, Netflix posted an official description of the series on its YouTube page, which reads:

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“When an ex threatens to reveal the nature of her longtime relationship with the agency unless she is cleared of serious crimes, a new CIA attorney will be drawn into dangerous international power politics.” dangerous.”

According to the trailer and description, viewers can expect a gripping spy thriller that delves into a number of interesting issues, including geopolitics, ethics, and morality, among others. other. The clip also hints that the film will have a comedic tone. According to reports, the show will consist of eight episodes, all of which will premiere on Netflix on the same day.

More about the cast and crew of Recruit

Noah Centineo plays the main character Owen Hendricks in The Recruit. Centineo seems to be a great fit for this unusual position, as seen in the series’ trailer. He conveys the different nuances of his character with great ease and viewers can expect a really engaging performance from the actor.


In addition to The Recruit, Noah Centineo has appeared in a number of notable films and series in recent times. To name a few, these are The Fosters, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, The Perfect Date and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser. He also played the atom smasher in Black Adam with Dwayne Johnson. Recruit, the highly anticipated spy thriller series, will premiere on Netflix on Friday, December 16, 2022.

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