The postman saved a stray dog ​​on the road and delivered it to the door

You never know what surprises a working day will bring. A postal worker recently made a sweet new friend after picking up a stray dog ​​in need — and he thanked her by helping her complete her route.

According to Ruff Start Rescue, the stray puppy was found by a postal carrier. It was hot and homeless that day, so the employee realized that she had to save the dog.

She allegedly “picked up his emaciated body”, dropped him in the mailbox, and the dog followed her on other deliveries.

“He showed his appreciation by helping her complete the mail delivery,” said Azure Davis, director of Ruff Start Rescue.

After the dog became an honorary “postman” in the afternoon, staff took him to the vet for a checkup.

The vet said no serious illness or injury was found, but the dog was severely dehydrated from the heat so the postman found it in time.

“He probably wouldn’t have made it if she hadn’t stopped to pick him up,” Davis said.

Ruff Start Rescue then takes the dog away. It is named “Preferences”, in honor of the preference box it was selected in.

According to Ruff Start, he now has an adoptive family and more and more people are applying to adopt him.

“He is a very friendly and confident dog,” said the owner. “And I am very grateful to the postman who [rescued] he.”

That’s a lovely little postman! Thank you to the postman who saved this dog when he needed help. We are happy that Priority is doing well and hope he finds his permanent home soon!

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