The Parks And Recs Episode That Chris Pratt Reaction Gif Comes From

which episode? parks and recreation Where did Chris Pratt’s famous surprise gif come from? Sometimes it takes a sitcom or two to really hit the market, parks and recreation is one of the best examples. The show is currently a beloved sitcom, but its notoriously tough first season only really started to solidify in its second season. That’s largely thanks to an incredible cast that includes Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza, Adam Scott, etc.

parks and recreation Each previous series seemed to get more interesting and ended in 2015 with Season 7. The show also became an introduction to Chris Pratt as the lovable idiot Andy Dwyer, who was only supposed to be the boyfriend in the series. the first season of Rashida Jones’ Ann (Ann), but reality proved so popular that he became a recurring character. Pratt remained in the program until the end and provided parks and recreation With some of the loudest laughs.

Andy also has some comedic roles parks and recreation, including Brother Nature – Mother Nature’s brother – and Johnny Karate. One of those characters is Burt Macklin, his FBI agent character. It also ties into one of the show’s most enduring images, a GIF of Chris Pratt’s Andy looking into the camera in shock, from a Season 5 episode.

Almost every tweet that responds to a shocking or exciting news on social media has this Chris Pratt gif from parks and recreation Season 5 finale “Is it any better?” An extra episode in this episode shows “Bert” investigating a positive pregnancy test he found while vacationing at Ron Swanson’s cabin. He investigates the women present but finds nothing, and in the final scene he discusses with Ron who it might belong to; that’s when Ron’s girlfriend, Diane (Lucy Lawless, Ashes and cruel corpses) interrupts them to say she needs to talk to Ron alone – causing Andy to look at the camera in surprise.

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this parks and recreation The image quickly turned into a Hall of Fame gif. Although it’s unlikely to have a new series, the cast reunited in April 2020 special parks and recreation, a special episode in which the characters connect with each other during the COVID-19 pandemic. The episode was well received by critics as well as fans.

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