The Owl House’s Camila Noceda Flips A Big Fantasy Show Problem

warning! This article contains spoilers for Season 3, Episode 1 owl house

Disney channel owl house Raised many of the ideas and questions found in classic fantasy shows, most notably Luz’s mother Camila Noceda (Elizabeth Grullon) in season 3, episode 1. owl house Premiering in January 2020, it follows Luz Noceda (Sarah-Nicole Robles) who stumbles into Hell. After helping wild witch Ida Clawthorne (Wendy Malick) on her early adventures, Luz chooses to stay in the wizarding world and study to become a witch.

However, one of the factors that owl house What’s fascinating is not only Luz’s adventures with witches and figurative magic with the mysterious owl lady Eda, but also the aftermath of her decision to stay in the demon world and its aftermath. Usually in fantasy dramas, whenever the main characters find themselves in a magical situation or world, the plot quickly overshadows their mundane lives without leaving consequences, and the protagonists sometimes insist that their “normal” family won’t understand their mysterious adventures or have to be protected. from them. But that’s not true owl house, Camilla immediately takes an active role in Lutz’s escape, saving and sheltering the escaped lizard Vey (Michael Dietz), just as Luz and her friends escape from Emperor Bellos (Marco). Dietz). Hugh Rhys), and finally, back in season 3 after the time jump, she and her daughter go to Hell. Camilla’s involvement strengthens the film and allows for more complex themes and connections between all of the characters, not just Luz and her mother.

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Camilla is a great parent for imaginary teens

One of the easiest sources of drama in teen fantasy shows like owl house It is a conflict between the main character and his parents. But this is not only an unhealthy dynamic, it also deprives these characters of a great opportunity to develop in favor of a secret double life. But with Camilla, viewers see that not only does she understand her daughter on a deeper level as she struggled to fit in as a child and continues to hold grudges against those who judged her family, but she feels as at home as she is. As a daughter, she gets along with the inhabitants of the Demon Realm. Camilla proves her parents are more than just a source of conflict in fantasy movies Like Joyce (Kristen Sutherland)’s death in fantasy movies Buffy the vampire slayerBut real characters are real characters, and Camilla’s realization of the person strengthens owl houseThemes of family dynamics and how intergenerational struggles shape the present.

Fantasy TV shows need more family ties like Camilla

Owl House luz-amity-camila

If more programs follow the plot’s impact owl House As their heroes travel to a magical world, by actively caring for the forgotten, they open the door to new stories that more fully reflect the complexities of the past. family relationship. Besides Camila’s presence helping to expose the bullshit that parents “never understand” what their children are going through, she also brings a breath of fresh air where parents can be a safe space too. when their children feel different, whether it’s because of their gender or their adventures. magical realm. Additionally, Camilla’s acceptance and participation in Luz’s magical life forces Luz to reconsider his decision to stay in the Underworld, especially since Camilla wants to help shortly after Belos kills Hunter’s amulet. This display of loyalty may lead Luz to question what this choice means for her mother and herself. If more shows looked at their heroes from this angle, that would give them the potential for new stories where their characters wouldn’t have to choose between fantasy and mundane selves. their own, but will have to reconcile them.

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Camilla and Lutz’s relationship owl house is a window into how many families deal with significant changes in their lives, whether it’s a death in the family, a child entering the sex drive, or a magical revolution. Seeing how these dynamics change and adapt to conflict contains the emotional complexity and cleansing that many fantasy shows disrupt by emphasizing villainous plots and hero stories. owl house Enough. But for Camila Noceda, the mundane world is just as important as ghosts, making her bond with her daughter even stronger.

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