The Originals: 10 Best Hayley Marshall Quotes

Hayley Marshall is one of the central characters originalwhile she’s not as iconic in the fandom as Klaus and Elijah, she is a very strong woman and a fierce mother that fans adore.

Hayley has a gift for words and can put situations into the most interesting or obvious context, ensuring that her point of view is communicated and made an impact. Hayley is a powerful force in words and actions, and deserves respect and love from the other characters in the film.

she is rude

“And you’ve hit your claim quota for the day. Congratulations, you’re officially the worst.”

Hayley has some great lines throughout the show, starting to show his sassy to the brooding and whining Michelsons. Here she shuts down Klaus, who complains that the place she took him hides him and their daughter.

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Hayley won’t let anyone complain too much, especially with where she lives and how welcoming she is. That’s one of the reasons why fans think Hailey is running for Queen of New Orleans.

she won’t lie to her daughter

“Someday I’ll have to explain hope to this family. …I won’t lie to her. I will never lie to her. But you know what I’m going to start with? ? Forever and ever.”

Hayley Marshall

The Michelson family is complicated, especially when it comes to their relationship with Hayley. Klaus and Hayley’s love affair causes Hope to become pregnant, and Klaus loves Hayley as the child’s mother. Then there’s Elijah, who likes Hayley as a potential partner.

The family then triumphed over thousands of enemies over the years. Hayley worries about explaining all this madness to her daughter, but she is determined not to lie to her daughter. Instead, she will begin with “Always and Forever,” the promise the Mikaelson siblings made and made to her to always care for and protect each other.

She prioritizes her needs

“I want you to know that I didn’t marry you for all of those people. I married you for myself.”

haley and jackson in the original book

In the midst of Hayley’s tumultuous Micelleson, there’s Jackson. Jackson is one of the most thoughtful characters on the entire show and he loves everything about Hayley. He accepts that Hayley will always be on the Mikalesons’ doorstep, and that he loves Hope as much as his own daughter.

He worries that Hayley is only marrying him for their people, which is definitely one of the reasons that led to the marriage. But Hayley quickly assures him that there’s more to it than that, that she loves him for him and marries him for herself because he gives her the stability and the love she deserves. very needed.

she won’t let klaus get away with it

“Did you know that I had to endure terrible birth and real death to give birth to the child you held.”

klaus and hayley look down in the original

When Klaus first accepted the fact that he had children, Hayley was treated as an incubator. However, throughout the show, Klaus has truly respected and loved her. But that doesn’t mean he always shows it to her.

Can’t tolerate Klaus hugging Hope while disrespecting Hayley. Hayley is there to remind Klaus of what she’s been through for Hope to make sure he treats her with the respect she’s earned on so many occasions.

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She can handle any situation with a sense of humour

“You, me, Elijah and Miracle Baby are all under the same roof. Sounds like a reality show.”

Klaus, Hayley and Elijah stroll the streets of New Orleans

The Mikaleson family’s relationship with Hayley is complicated, especially when the favorite ship comes around, but that doesn’t mean they have to always look at it negatively. Haley humorously treats it like a reality TV show, and fans can immediately see what would happen if they decided to air the show that way.

One of the great things about Hayley is that she can always turn a situation around and put it on a humorous or satirical side. She’s caring and supportive, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t paint a situation as candidly as she does.

she’s no one’s girl

“Then we can do it when you lock me in the tower and I escape, it’s a TV series, and then you both realize that I’m capable of taking care of myself. “

Hayley from The Originals

Hayley Marshall is not one to sit idly by. She will always put her hopes of protection first, but she won’t sit around waiting for help in times of trouble. She will fight with herself first.

This quote is another example of Hailey being able to see through people trying to paint everything in beautiful light. She knows exactly what it’s like to be locked up for her own safety, and quickly tells Klaus and Elijah to skip the movie and come to the same conclusion.

she fights for her people

“There will be no peace if the werewolves are abandoned. They want a place and if they don’t get a seat, I can guarantee you all will regret it.”

Hayley Marshall in the book

Even though Hayley looks like a villain like anyone on the show Diary of a vampireexist original She fought hard for her people. Despite being half-breed, she maintains a strong bond with her werewolf heritage.

The city of New Orleans is deeply divided between those in power and the oppressed. The witch’s powers fluctuate throughout the show, but werewolves never seem to gain true strength for any significant amount of time. Hayley will fix this.

she is a wonderful mother

“I want to promise you you’ll have three things I never did. A safe home, someone who tells you they love you every day, someone who will fight for you no matter what.”

hopeful elijah and haley

As Hayley has repeatedly told Klaus, she just wants her daughter to have the security she never had. She said the same thing when she wrote to her unborn child, listing three things she could promise her daughter.

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Mikaelsons may have many things, but they are strong and protective of their things, something Hayley never had before becoming part of her family.

she gave great advice

“Make art. Use your voice. Go on adventures. Have at least one absolutely epic love affair. Be yourself.”

As Hope was dying, she entered the afterlife, where she met her mother. Hope wants to stay, but Hayley won’t let her, telling her she needs to go back and live her own life.

When Hope says she doesn’t want to and she doesn’t know without her mom, Hayley gives her some helpful advice that anyone can use in life. Whether you take it as advice for Hope or for all the fans who need it, Hailey offers great advice on how to live life to the fullest.

She puts the needs of hope first

“My parents abandoned me. Your parents turned their backs on you. Look at us now, Klaus. She deserves better than we got. That’s what I’ve always wanted: something better!”

Bloody Hayley and Hope in the Originals

After Hayley tried to steal Hope from the Mikaelson movie, Klaus was cursed by a New Orleans werewolf witch to only become human on the full moon. On the following first full moon, Hailey went to the family compound in a fit of rage and tore Klaus to pieces. But her anger is not at the humiliation and pain she has endured, but with herself. This is hope.

All Hayley wants is for her daughter to have a family that puts her first, and Hayley reminds Klaus that he should want that too. This quote is the moral foundation for how Hayley and Klaus see family and parenting.

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