The Night Agent season 1’s ending, explained

night Agent, one of the newer shows on Netflix, without a doubt, focuses on the spy drama. But the twists, turns, and movie-like action sequences throughout the 10-episode first season of this action thriller make it well worth watching.

Are you interested in knowing how the first season of the series ends? Digital Trends has all the spoilers about what happened in the season finale and what it means for a possible second season.

What is The Night Agent about?

Peter Sutherland (Gabriel Bosso) is not a night agent: he only answers the phone for them. His job is to sit in a windowless room in the basement of the White House, night after night, poring over FBI reports and waiting for the phone to ring, indicating that the night agent needs help. it never works. But Peter pays his dues, hoping one day to be able to do much more.

That day comes when the phone finally rings, and on the other end is a terrified young woman, eventually revealed to be Rose (Luciane Buchanan). She has the correct codes, but she has no idea who she is calling or why. She had just found out that her aunt and uncle were spies (night agents)—not in acquisitions as she had always been told—and that they were being hunted. In a last ditch effort to save herself and her unaware niece, she is given this magical number to call. Unfortunately, they were killed before she could question them further.

Rose prepares to hit Dale over the head while holding Peter down in a scene from Night Agent.Dan Power/Netflix

What ensues is a game of cat and mouse between two deadly assassins hunting Peter and Rose, the FBI and White House officials, including Peter’s boss and confidante, Diane (Hong Chau). Peter is tasked with protecting Rose until she makes a statement, but decides to risk it all when Rose discovers that she overheard her aunt and her uncle talking about a mole in the White House. Who can I trust and what is the mole’s planning?

As Peter and Rose investigate the death of their aunt and uncle, along with the bombing of the train Peter saved the passengers from a year earlier, and the sudden murder of the head of the FBI (Robert Patrick), they uncover more pieces of the puzzle. . And the more danger they run.

It is early revealed that Vice President Redfield (Christopher Shyer), along with a shady CEO named Wick (Ben Cotton), had something to do with the bombing. What’s worse, they’re probably connected to the murders.


Hong Chau as Diane in Night Agent, standing in the White House office in front of the American flag.Dan Power/Netflix

It is shown as night agent they’re often predictable, and regardless of whether fans can tell the good guys from the bad, when the truth is revealed, everything comes crashing down.

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Just three words are enough for Peter’s light bulb to go off. Diane mentions Peter’s “friend from the troop” who Rose is hiding out with, only for Peter to realize that he never told her that his friend was a troop. Peter now knows that, despite his beliefs, Diane was in on the plot all along. She cannot be trusted with her closest ally and friend.

Now on the run after magically escaping the White House, Peter arrives at the docks to save Rose from being strangled to death by cold-blooded killer Dale (Phoenix Raei). An argument ensues, with Dale ending up dead in the water (literally) and his partner Ellen (Eve Harlow) screaming in pain when he discovers her body.

Themes of death and destruction.

Peter holding Colin, Agent Monks pointing a gun, Maddie and Chelsea in the background of the shipyard in a scene from Night Agent.Dan Power/Netflix

As the plot thickens, night agent it features an interesting juxtaposition between heroes and the death and destruction that are often par for the course in its creation. It starts with Rose’s aunt and uncle. It continues with others, like Loma (Gabrielle Rose), a former engineer who helps point Peter and Rose in the right direction. It turns out that Colin (Andre Anthony), who has a twin named Matteo, was a contract bomber and that the real target of the train bombing was someone on the surface, not on the train.

Pour one in for Peter’s sweet friend and ex-partner, Cisco (Curtis Lum), who was murdered by Ellen after he tried to elope with Rose. Particularly heartbreaking, however, is the death of American hero Erik Monks (DB Woodside), a rehabbed Secret Service agent who once again proves himself a hero, dying to protect others.

He is also killed by Ellen, who goes into a rage while trying to avenge Dale’s death. She was ultimately taken out when Rose pushed her to her death in another brave act of being in the right place at the right time and saving Peter from near-certain death. “I owe you my life,” she once told him, to which he rightly reciprocated.

The most poignant death scene didn’t actually lead to that, though. When Wick tells Diane that her employee wants to find and kill Matteo/Colin, who kidnapped Vice President Redfield’s daughter, Maddie (Sarah Desjardins), Diane coldly asks “just him?” He looks up curiously, saying that he can “reorder” if she wants. Diane’s blank look says it all: she’s willing to kill Maddie to get rid of the young woman as a threat to management (but possibly more to her own reputation).

Diane proves to be just as cold and calculating as her two co-conspirators, adding to the sympathy fans feel for the underappreciated Peter. She only hired Peter as a backup plan, knowing that he would be the perfect scapegoat if she was ever needed. After all, her father was also a traitor. It’s a grim realization for Peter, who saw Diane not just as a boss, but as a friend of hers.

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sins of the father

Peter is kneeling on top of the car, bloodied and beaten in a scene from Night Agent.Dan Power/Netflix

This brings us to a general topic night agent, which comes to the fore in the finale: the concept of paternity, more precisely, fractured paternity. Peter spent his adult life defending his father, an agent accused of treason against the United States government.

Maddie sees her father as a monster, happy to go along with her captor’s plans if it means taking him down. Young Secret Service agent Chelsea (Fola Evans-Akingbola) initially opposes Monks and his old-fashioned ways, but ends up becoming a friend and mentor who dies before she really knows him. Later, her boss and another agent mentor of hers, Ben Almora (Enrique Murciano), are also shot dead.

In the final episode, aptly titled “Fathers,” the plot thickens and those parental relationships pay the ultimate price.

explosive ending

Peter on the field in The Night Agent, holding a gun to President Travers' neck.Dan Power/Netflix

After finally discovering the plot and the location of the next bomb with the help of Monks and Chelsea, Peter and Rose force Diane at gunpoint to sneak them into Camp David. The plan is to kill not only the initial target, Omar Zadro (Adam Tsekhman), who Redfield ironically believes is a terrorist the US government shouldn’t ally with (Wick is after his personal business interests), but also President Travers (Kari Matchett). Diane was seriously injured and Almora died. Rose uses her cybersecurity skills to restore conveniently disrupted communications so they can alert the President.

Chelsea is also on the case, noticing new agents on her plane with suspicious black briefcases. Upon arriving, Vice President Redfield cowardly heads to the basement of the building, dragging Maddie with him, giving Chelsea a chance to spring into action. She locates the bomb and warns everyone to evacuate immediately. It works and everyone, including the president, is safe… for now.

President Travers is about to board the plane in presumed safety, but Peter grabs her and holds a gun to her head, yelling at the agents to check the plane because there is a bomb inside. The horrified President senses that Peter may be telling the truth and orders them to check it out. The moment is intense: Peter looks like a madman threatening to assassinate the president. He tells her that he doesn’t want to hurt her and that he “loves her country.” This strikes a chord and you can see that even though President Travers is terrified, she trusts him.

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Of course, there is a bomb on board and a second, powerful explosion occurs. Meanwhile, at Camp David, Redfield is shocked to see not only Chelsea’s face, but also Chelsea’s daughter, both of whom survived. He ended up letting Maddie out of the room to save himself from her threats to expose him after the fact, and now he knows it’s over.

Fast forward and Peter doesn’t want to keep his name out of the news. He doesn’t want attention or a medal for his bravery. President Travers understands, but tells him to name whatever he wants. Of course, he wants to know the truth about his father.

How does Night Agent end?

Peter and Rose kiss on the asphalt in a scene from Night Agent.Dan Power/Netflix

President Travers sends Peter back to that dank, dark room where the story began. He opens his laptop to see the video of his father’s interrogation. Unfortunately for him, his father admits it all. He even looks at the camera and says, ‘I’m sorry,’ as if he knows his son will see him one day.

Travers tells Peter that his father agreed to become a double agent for the US government to right his wrongs, but was killed by an assassin before he could carry out the plan. The killer was killed years later, so there is no revenge for Peter. but there is is job offer. “I think we wasted your talent in that room,” she tells him. Do you want the opportunity to be on the other end of the phone? The look in her eyes says it all. He’s ready.

Peter says goodbye to Rose (somewhere along the way, the two started a romance), promising to call her as soon as they let him, then gets on a plane. Peter has been officially promoted from a glorified 911 operator to an official night agent. What is the secret mission and where is it headed? We do not know yet. But fans are hoping to find out in the second season.

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