The MCU Set Up Miles Morales 6 Years Ago, So Where Is He?

Spider-Man is now a staple of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the series has yet to introduce Miles Morales – even though he was founded six years ago. The multiverse introduced in Phase 4 makes the MCU use Spider-Man more than ever. Instead of abandoning Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, Spider-Man: Nowhere Back Bringing Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield back as their respective Spider-Man. However, Miles Morales did not join the MCU through a multiverse event. However, the meeting of the three live-action Spider-Man actors gave him an Easter egg.

Since the birth of Miles Morales in 2011, the boy’s performances on reality television have attracted a lot of interest. His Spider-Man was almost an instant hit with Sony and Marvel Studios. Spider-Man: Nowhere BackMiles Morales teases Jamie Foxx’s Electro that he wants Spider-Man from Queens to be black. After realizing that it’s not Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker, he mentioned that there must be a black Spider-Man in the multiverse. This isn’t the first time the MCU has teased Miles Morales, but it’s a reminder that it’s been six years since the series mocked his existence and didn’t use him.

‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ teases Miles Morales in the MCU

The first version of Marvel Studios that set the MCU’s Miles Morales appeared Spider-Man: Back home, released in 2017. The film features a lot of Spider-Man villains, including Donald Glover as Aaron Davis aka Prowler. The character has a small role in the film, but his presence is very noticeable as Aaron Davis is the uncle of Miles Morales. Spider-Man: Back home When Spider-Man interrogates Aaron, he subtly mentions Miles, and Aaron says he has a nephew nearby and also wants Vulture’s weapons off the streets.

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Originally there was a plan for another Miles Morales reference Spider-Man: Back homeA deleted scene shows Aaron Davis on the phone with his grandson and directly calls him Miles by his first name, removing any doubt about who he calls future Spider-Man. Sony and Marvel eventually cut the clip, but it’s worth noting that he’s been mentioned several times in the MCU. This shows that Marvel and Sony want to use the character to let audiences know that they haven’t forgotten Peter Parker as they tell the story of the MCU.

Miles Morales becomes more famous after MCU tease

Miles Morales falls through the gate

The studio’s decision not to use Miles Morales after this MCU teaser is all the more surprising since he’s become even more popular since 2017. Miles Morales doesn’t appear in the MCU, but does lead the series. Sony’s Oscar-winning animated film Spider-Man: Entering the Spider-Man UniverseThe film made him the focus of a multiverse story that surpassed all expectations and launched a new series. Miles will be replayed Spider-Man: Entering the Spider-Man Universe and return the next part, Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-VerseThe role of Miles in the movie was excellent and made him have more fans of the character.

Video games also helped raise Miles Morales’ reputation Spider-Man: Back home. he is listed as a supporting role Marvel’s Spider-Man The video game launches on PS4. The demand for more Miles was so great that Insomniac created a companion game, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. He is scheduled to appear on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 And hopefully it will be a bigger part of the sequel.

Why neither Sony nor Marvel use Live-Action Miles Morales

Miles Morales Crossing the Spider Universe Part 1

The incredible popularity of Miles Morales and the many teases of the MCU raise questions about why neither Sony nor Marvel Studios use him in live-action. No one has confirmed exactly why he was dropped from both studios’ Spider-Man plans. Sony and Marvel are working together to make Spider-Man part of the MCU, but Sony is also working on its own ways of creating a universe around Spider-Man villains like Venom. The latter does not have its own version of Spider-Man, although Sony does own the rights to more than 900 Spider-Man-related Marvel characters, including Miles Morales.

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It’s possible that Miles Morales’ live-action debut might not happen at both studios due to a complicated Spider-Man deal between the two studios. Sony and Marvel Studios have reached a number of new deals to help keep Spider-Man in the MCU. This new deal and previous ones may contain provisions that mean Sony can’t put Miles Morales into live-action while Tom Holland’s Spider-Man remains. In the meantime, the MCU may want to wait a few years for Holland’s Spidey to mature before introducing Miles.

Miles Morales should join the MCU’s next Spider-Man trilogy

Tom Holland Spider-Man 4 Sanity Miles

Long wait to find out about the future of the MCU’s Miles Morales and how his Spider-Man could end next Spiderman trilogy of works. Marvel Studios and Sony are preparing another trilogy starring Tom Holland. These movies are expected to focus on college-age Peter, reinventing himself as a street hero rather than fighting aliens and dealing with the Spiderman The trio is also positioned to introduce a host of new characters, including Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon), MJ (Zendaya) and others who no longer remember who Peter Parker is. Miles Morales could be one of the new supporting characters.

Although Miles may have been young at the time Spider-Man: Back homealmost a decade has passed since then in the MCU. This means Miles could be in his teens in the next MCU Spiderman The trio happened. As Peter finds this new part of his life, his origin story unfolds. Marvel and Sony could even use the new film as an opportunity to switch the baton from Peter to Miles. Spiderman 6 It could see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man die or retire, making the live-action Miles Morales Spider-Man the new protagonist of the MCU for years to come and the main protagonist of his own trilogy. he.

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Will Miles Morales Join ‘Avengers: Secret War’?

Miles Morales joins Spider-Verse and Avengers: Endgame

Miles Morales’ MCU premiere could happen Avengers: Secret War If that hasn’t happened before. The MCU’s upcoming multiverse event movie’s cast and scope is expected to be larger Avengers: Game over. As variations from the multiverse appear, a version of Miles Morales may be included. It could even be Spider-Man: Entering the Spider-Man Universe Shameik Moore stars as the older Miles. Avengers: Secret WarMiles Morales even got the chance to repay the cast of old fans for Donald Glover to play him, which would help bring about the MCU’s first Miles teasing round.

Better bet that main MCU Miles Morales will join Avengers: Secret War. Let’s hope this isn’t his first time on the team. Instead, it could be an opportunity for Miles to experience the greater risks that exist in the multiverse after he thinks he’s starting to get used to being a superhero. This will also give the MCU a chance to go even further. Spider-Man: Nowhere BackBuild your team by adding a fourth live Spider-Man. It certainly won’t be the main character, but the MCU’s Miles Morales will appear in Avengers: Secret War should happen.

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