The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 2: 20+ Easter Eggs & Hidden Details

warning! This article contains spoilers for Season 3, Episode 2 of The Mandalorian.mandalorian Episode 2 of season 3 takes Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin and Grogu to the ravaged planet of Mandalorian, offering a variety Star Wars Easter eggs are being processed. After the episode is narrated Palestinians In Season 3, Episode 1, Din arrives on the Mandalorian planet and begins the journey that is truly for him. Although the first volume changed a bit in terms of plot development, it still contains a decent amount Star Wars Easter eggs.

Accelerated plot Palestinians Volume 2 of Season 3 is titled “Chapter 18 – Mandalore Mine”. Star Wars One TV show and one novel, which means lots of Easter eggs and references. The most important is a mysterious creature on the planet Mandalorian, especially important for the future of mankind Palestinians. this is all Star Wars Easter eggs.

22 The Mandalorian opens with the familiar Star Wars species

Palestinians Season 3, Episode 2 begins with a small Easter egg – a familiar race at the Peli Motto hangar on Tatooine. There, Peli tricked the Rodians with the help of some Jawas. Both are outstanding Star Wars species.

21 Tatooine celebrates Bonta night

Mos Eisley on Tatooine with Bontaiev's ornament from The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 2

other importance Star Wars Easter Egg Link Palestinians to George Lucas’s prequel trilogy. Planet Tatooine seems to be celebrating Bonta Week, which includes a pod race through the heart of Mos Eisley. this fits well Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom MenaceWhen Anakin Skywalker was racing at Bootta Eve. Palestinians Season 3, Episode 2 deals with Bunta Week, suggesting that the entire Bunta festival will last for a week – with fireworks as Din and Grogu leave Tatooine.

The Lurmen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 1

The Grogu Force threw themselves into Peli’s arms, prompting her to ask:Now who taught you how to dance like Lurmen, huh?“Lurmen is a small, monkey-like species Star Wars: Clone Wars Season 1, episodes 13 and 14. They’re really agile – in fact, at least one Lurmen is sensitive to the Force, so it’s likely that some will use the Force to enhance their natural agility their. It is interesting to compare Lurmens with Grogu Palestinians Season 3.

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19 Grogu’s Growing Strength Reminiscent of Yoda

Yoda and Grogu in Star Wars.

The kind of force that jumps into Perry’s arms also makes Grogu more likely to think of Yoda; The old Jedi Knight was well versed in Atalu’s fighting form, and also required jumping power. Grogu’s training with Luke Skywalker has clearly made Grogu more proficient in the Force; this is seen transparently Palestinians Season 3, Episode 2, Grogu relies on the Force to defend himself. It will be interesting to see if Grogu continues to show some new powers.

18 Palestinians Mention Boba Fett and Hutts

Why Boba Fett Really Replaced Jabba the Hutt With Tattoos

Pell dropped the names of both Boba Fett and Hutt, mentioning the incident for the first time Boba Fett’s BookThere, Boba established himself as the local crime boss, taking over Hutt territory. Din Djarin helped him keep his territory, so Peli wondered if Din would be hired for another crisis.

17 Familiar Star Wars Droids by Peli Motto

Mandalorian pit robot

Palestinians Season 1, Episode 3 reveals that Peli uses an army of pitiful robots. They show up again and still work for her Palestinians Part 3. This time, they go with BD units – in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – and R5-D4, exactly like the first robot Star Wars Movie.

16 R5-D4 in service of the Rebel Alliance

Collage of The Mandalorian and R5-D4

R5-D4 debuts Star Wars Movie, one of the robots seen on Jawa Sandcruiser. The Red One by Rae Carson Published in Anthology from a certain point of view, revealing the R5 engine deliberately sabotaged itself, believing that R2-D2 should be sold to the Rath family. It is actually reported in the book that he later served in the Rebel Alliance, although Perry’s orders may have exaggerated his importance. Without R5, Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 would never have met.

15 Mandalorian Moon of Concordia

In The Mandalorian season 3, episode 2, the satellite Concordia orbits Mandalorian

After leaving Tatooine, Din and Grogu reached Mandalore, where they discovered Concordia’s moon Mandalore. Din mentions that Concordia is where he grew up, which has a lot to do with his Death Guard upbringing and Star Wars: Clone Wars. exist Clone warConcordia is shown to be the stronghold of the Death Guard led by Pre Vizsla. This is consistent with why Din grew up there, as he joined the Death Guard during the Clone Wars.

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Ding .’s Pressurized Mandalorian Helmet

The Mandalorian Episode 3 Din Djarin on Mandalorian

There has been fierce debate about how Mandalorian helmets work for navigating in toxic or deadly environments. These are finally answered Palestinians In season 3, episode 2, Din pressurizes his helmet against the harsh Palestinian atmosphere – complete with a nod to the sound of Darth Vader’s CPR. It’s a subtle detail, but an interesting reference to the Sith Lord.

Weight of 13 Dark Sword

Din Djarin using Darksaber The Mandalorian Season 3

After Ding was attacked by the Aramites in Mandalore, he was in PalestiniansPart Boba Fett’s Book, Din Djarin grapples with Darksaber; According to Armorer, this is because he tends to fight with the blade. This concept for the first time Star Warswhen another Mandalorian named Sabine Wren used Darksaber, she claimed that Darksaber was heavier than she expected.

Star Wars Sundari . concept art

Stage Palestinians Season 3, Episode 2, Din and Grogu travel through the devastated Mandalorian capital Sundari. It’s an Easter egg Star Wars: Clone Warswhere Sundari appears many times. It is in Clone war Season 7 tells the story of the Siege of Mandalore – an invasion by Republican forces with the goal of overthrowing Darth Maul.

11 callback Mines Siege of Mandalore

The Clone Wars Season 7 Ahsoka Maul . Battle

Din Djarin and Grogu walk through Sundari’s sewer – a surprise Star Wars Easter Egg.exist Star Wars: Clone Wars, Ahsoka Tano hunts Darth Maul through the same sewer. Careful viewers will recognize the architectural style.

10 Grogu’s Personal Journey Linked to Prequel Era Yoda

Grogu in Boba Fett's Book and Yoda in Attack of the Clones.

After Din lost his ability to work Palestinians Season 3, Episode 2, Grogu turns to Bo-Katan for help. This scene shows Grogu traveling alone for the first time on the show, and he’s easily reminiscent of Yoda from the prequel trilogy. In the prequel era, mostly Star Wars: Clone Wars, Yoda is said to be flying a Jedi fighter jet, usually an R2-D2, with the help of an astrological device. Grogu, who was traveling with R5-D4, recalls this, making the young Jedi-Mandalorian look a lot like the older Jedi Master.

Bo-Katan’s Mandalorian Gloves

The Mandalorian Season 3 The Mandalorian Gauntlet Ship

Bo-Katan plays an important role in that Palestinians Season 3, fly to the Mandalorian in her ordeal. The Palestinian ship first appeared in Star Wars: Clone WarsAnd Bo-Katan is shown in flight Palestinians Part 2. Hopefully the Gauntlet’s abilities will be explored in detail.

8 Mentioning Bo-Katan The Age of Clone Wars

Sundari in Star Wars Clone Wars

When looking at the ruined city of Sundari, Bo-Katan was referring to that era Star Wars: Clone Wars. She explains to Grogu that Sundari was once a beautiful civilization and is now just a tomb. Sundari is in Star Wars: Clone Warswhen it is displayed at the peak of its power.

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7 Bo-Katan Refers to the Jedi . Prequels and Originals

Ahsoka Tano, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker in the Clone Wars

After traveling underground in Sundari, Grogu and Bo-Katan began scouring the mines in search of Tin. During their journey, Bo-Katan mentioned to Grogu that she used to know many Jedi. It’s a welcome reminder that the Jedi and The Mandalorian have worked together before, with Bo-Katan allying with Ahsoka Tano, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. She is also well aware of the friendship between Sabine Wren and Jedi Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger Star Wars.

Bo-Katan’s Mandalorian Shield

The Mandalorian Shield from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Similar to the previous Din Palestinians In Season 3, Episode 2, Bo-Katan is attacked by the Aramites. Bo uses her Mandalorian hologram shield a lot in battle, using the same shield throughout. Star Wars: Clone Wars And Star Wars: Rebels. The shield is made from the gauntlet worn by the Mandalorians and can withstand quite a bit of punishment, as shown Palestinians Season 3, episode 2. Bo-Katan doesn’t just rely on armor to protect herself.

5 new creatures from Star Wars: Alamites

The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 2 The Monster of Alamati on Mandalore

The sequence introduces new creatures that appear to be named Alamites. Bo-Katan explains that the Aramites used to live in the wasteland outside the cities of Mandalore. She also believes that if the Aramites survived the Empire’s attack on Mandalore, other creatures or humans might as well.

4 Bo-Katan .’s The Mandalorian Season 2 Musical Theme Song

Bo-Katan in The Mandalorian Season 3

Audiences can recognize Bo-Katan’s familiar musical themes throughout Palestinians Season 3, volume 2. This part was introduced in season 2, with music by Ludwig Göransson. He wasn’t able to return for season 3 due to a tight schedule, but backup composer Joseph Shirley still finds great use for Göransson’s original themes.

Bo-Katan’s 3 Darksaber Skills

Bo-Katan uses Darksaber in The Mandalorian Season 3

Din Djarin might have trouble using Darksaber, but Bo-Katan took it from him and proved to be quite adept. This demonstrates Bo-Katan’s inner consistency and determination as Darksaber fulfills its bearer’s wishes. However, she returned it to Ding, clearly not wanting to take it from an ally.

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