The man who put his horse on a chain, didn’t know he would be thanked for a lifetime

Veterinarian Ovidiu Rosu identified the location of a feral horse that was begging for further help: its legs were chained, leaving the skin injured but also injured.

Not only that, but the horse also seemed rather depressed, incapable of running around or even moving much.

Apparently in some parts of Romania leash is a common method, but the scene is quite annoying.

Rosu, who works on 4 legs, received the tool and started working, trying to damage the chain without doing more damage.

He was finally able to get the horse to move and his personality was immediately enlightened.

Mounting is an excellent sport as the man tries to take him down, and then he expresses his gratitude to Rosu for taking such good care of him.

Here is the video:

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