The man was stunned after installing the camera in the birdhouse

A wildlife enthusiast who put a camera in a bird box to capture a family of titmouses was stunned when the video received 41 million views in a month.

John Chadwick, 43, started live-streaming the birds with his cubs so his family could watch their development before they became adults.

But just weeks after uploading the videos to YouTube, they already have millions of views worldwide. “It’s a bit crazy. I just wanted to show my neighbors, friends, niece and nephew what the birds were doing. I didn’t know the movies would garner so much interest,” John said.

The sound engineer, who has toured with Aerosmith and The Beatles’ Ringo Starr, bought the birdhouse on a whim during the holiday season.

He placed her on a willow tree in his back garden in Leicester in March, and within a few hours the two green breasts had moved in and had given birth to five chicks.

“I started going live and made a highlight video every day – 100 people watched it on the first day.

It shows things like feeding chicks in the nest during contests bringing in caterpillars.

“I keep doing amazing things every day, about three days before the chicks fly, I have 100 followers.

“I decided to make one final video, as short as possible, showing birds entering the nest, eggs hatching and chicks flying.

he posted it on June 7, and by Thursday it had been viewed by 100,000 people and by Saturday it had been viewed five million times.

And despite the worldwide success of the films, John probably won’t make enough money to build a home.

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