The lost cat was nowhere to be found, until he listened to the voice of his little daughter

This story is profound and moving. It’s about a lost cat that hasn’t been found anywhere. The girl did not lose hope that she would see her cat again.

One day, the cat disappeared. A cat wanders near the house in the neighborhood.

The cat always comes back. In this case, he did not return.

The family searched everywhere for their beloved cat, but to no avail. The cat’s name is Tita.

The daughter in the family is the most disadvantaged of all the family members.

One of the neighbors told them he saw a cat near the school.

The girl’s father drives to school. The school door is closed.

The girl did not see her cat. She called her name and within seconds the cat appeared and jumped into her arms.

The girl’s father captured the scene with a photo and a video. Their reunion was emotional.

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