The Last of Us Fans Go Wild For Original Joel Actor’s Episode 8 Death

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The Last of Us fans shared their reactions to the death of original Joel actor Troy Baker in episode 8 at the hands of a surprising character.

Warning: This post contains spoilers the last survivor Episode 8 The Internet Goes Crazy With The Death Of The Dead the last survivor A character played by the original actor Joel. the last survivor Episode 8 When We Needed Help features Troy Baker as Joel in the original Video games. In the TV show, Baker plays James, a member of a religious sect under the control of overbearing leader David. James eventually dies at the hands of Ellie, who killed James and David after he and David attempted to kill and eat her.

Twitter fans go crazy after James’ death the last survivor Episode 8. Many people find it amusing that a franchise star of his caliber died in such a gruesome manner, while others posted shocking GIFs and things like “ELLIE HAS KILLED THE TROY BAKER!!?!‘ See more fan reactions below:

How The Last of Us Episode 8 Set Up Its End

Ellie follows Henry's plan in The Last of Us

Beck’s Supplement the last survivor For many viewers who have played the game or know Baker from HBO, episode 8 is an interesting detail the last survivor podcast.similar to something the last survivor with Jeffrey Pierce, who voices Tommy in the film video game, but in playing Perry on the show, Baker had a smaller role in the series than his original role. Baker’s death at the hands of Ellie is all the more remarkable, as shocked fans have pointed out, because of the connection between Ellie and his original character, Joel.

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James is not the only character killed by Ellie the last survivor Episode 8.Although the last survivor Never shying away from violence, this is the first time she has experienced such violence. Not only has Allie learned to control herself, but if she stabs David for no reason whatsoever, she will be filled with rage to start a bloody and terrible war.

Even with James and David gone, Ellie and Joel are still in limbo for next week’s game the last survivor end. Ellie is said to have suffered a concussion in Episode 8 after falling off her horse, while Joel is still recovering from being stabbed in Episode 6, despite his smug appearance. the last survivor‘ The season finale is the same as it was in the game and the two will have to fight more than they did in episode 8.

Source: Twitter (various, see above)

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