The Last Of Us Episode 8 Confirms A Horrifying David Game Theory

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Episode 8 of The Last of Us adapts David’s character to the HBO show, and in the process confirms a terrifying theory from the original game.

This article discusses sexual assault. It also contains spoilers for Episode 8 of The Last of Us.

the last survivor Episode 8 confirms the Dark David hypothesis that arose when the original game was released in 2013. Like all of HBO’s other major supporting characters the last survivor David is a character that has played a major role in the original game so far. With the winter part of the game arguably the most disturbing, David’s character is seen as crucial to the HBO adaptation, and it’s proven.

Following the overwhelmingly positive response to the iconic adaptation and addition the last survivor Playful characters like Bill, Frank, Henry and Sam the last survivor Episode 8 will cover David. Although many davids this the last survivor Episode 8 remains the same, including his cannibalism and overall characterization, making some major changes along the way. the last survivor The game has been confirmed to be an HBO show in unsettling style.

The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 8 Confirms David’s Plans For Ellie

The Last of Us Part 1 Episode 8 David played by Scott Sheppard

In the original game, David’s infatuation with Ellie and him the last survivor Episode 8 However, the End of Naughty Dog’s David and Ellie the last survivor The game is more ambiguous about David attempting sexual assault and sexual feelings towards Ellie. before allie kill david the last survivor the game, he said, made her choke,”you don’t know what i can do“The game makes it look like David is going to kill Ellie, and her existence is just a line”david’s newest pet“From a sexual assault theory spawned by a stalker.

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The allusions and ambiguities, however, remain theoretical – speculation without public verification. the last survivor Episode 8 makes those allusions even more certain, with an unsettling twist confirming David’s dire intentions. The ending scene of the HBO adaptation, in which David says “Fighting is my favorite part…love is fearless‘, and then touched Ellie’s belly instead of her neck, confirming the intention to sexually assault her. While the game hints at these motives, it is certain that HBO this the last survivor The TV show makes it clearer in scenes that are difficult to watch.

How HBO’s David is different from our last game character

Scott Shepherd as David in Episode 8 of The Last of Us, next to a poster for The Last of Us Part 1

In addition to David’s more obvious predation the last survivor Episode 8, with some other notable differences. One of them includes a role as a preacher. In the original game, David is just the leader of his community, no religious connotations.exist the last survivor In episode 8, David uses his religious beliefs and the group’s need for a father – in his own words – as a way to impose dominion over them.

return, the last survivor David’s obsession with getting Cordyceps in episode 8 is also related to his unusual feelings for Ellie.david points out Cordyceps mushroom in the last survivor Show love by protecting their children and protecting their future through violence. This is a new addition to the HBO show that could apply to David’s unsettling nature, as his attempt to sexually assault Ellie is a horribly misrepresentation of his “love”. we through violence. All of which makes David one of the more hateful, villainous characters on HBO the last survivorderived from the theories surrounding his role in the original game.

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new episode the last survivor Movie shows every Sunday on HBO.

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