The kind boy didn’t want to leave the injured stray dog ​​until help arrived

This is a story about an eight year old boy. He was a refugee named Hüseyin el-Hasan.

The boy is from Syria. The boy loves dogs. The boy noticed the dog lying on the side of the road. You can’t leave the dog.

The dog was seriously injured. The accident happened in Türkiye. When the boy saw the dog, he ran home to get a blanket.

He wanted to warm it up and cover the dog with a blanket. Then, he quickly called an adult to help the helpless dog.

The boy did not want to leave the dog and refused to leave the dog. He waited until the rescue team arrived. The dog was received by veterinarians and examined and treated for internal bleeding.

Thanks to this good boy, the dog was saved and had a second chance at life. The boy is a true example that humanity still exists. The boy deserves all the praise.

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