The Horse brothers reunited emotionally after many years apart

Horses form strong bonds with their loved ones and will often go to great lengths to reunite with their families and provide comfort to their loved ones.

So it’s no surprise that they experience human-like happiness when they reunite with family they haven’t seen in years.

TikTok user @wranglerbum shared a video of the two horse brothers’ touching reunion. “It’s been many years since these pony brothers met,” he wrote, in the video’s caption.

The horses, Koda and Harley, became more and more excited as they recognized each other. Koda can’t wait to get into the corral to see his brother again.

The third horse, Journey, watches and isn’t sure what’s going on so Harley assures Journey that Koda is family and everything will be fine.

This is a sweet reunion from a different angle.

I love how their heads form a heart together,” commented one TikTokker.

“They were very emotional; me too,” wrote another viewer.

@Bieaux added: “Love can be seen even in the eyes, though my eyes are full of tears.”

Now the two brothers spend their days “riding” together and fighting side by side.

Here is the video:

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