The girl said to her boyfriend “Either the dog goes or I go” – The answer conquers her boyfriend’s social networks

When faced with a choice between rejecting a pet or a human, people will choose their pet over humans. This is considered normal.

Pets are true friends and loyal to their owners. There are many cases where our loved ones choose between themselves and a pet.

When there is an ultimatum like the one in this story between pets and people, people prefer to point the door. This story is about a girl who wants her boyfriend to ride her pet.

Your boyfriend’s answer is very clever. He tried to win his girlfriend back instead of getting rid of the pet.

The man posted an ad in the “community section” of the site. The ad says that his girlfriend doesn’t want his pet Molly. The next part follows. This is an advertisement

This is a great lesson for a girl. If a girl doesn’t accept her boyfriend and pamper them for who they are, then she doesn’t deserve them.

A man must think twice because continuing a relationship with such a girl is not normal.

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