The friendly butcher leaves 0vers in front of the shop every day for the stray dogs

Touchingly, one can see stray dogs rummaging through the butcher’s waste.

They cautiously approached the box and each took a few bones. Every dog ​​is kind enough to carry only a small bone with them, but what really stands out is how much they care for each other.

It’s like watching an elderly golden retriever go to a gift box, pick up a bone, and then walk away. As he approached, another dog showed a fearful and timid expression. The other dog was wagging his tail happily, as if he couldn’t believe his luck.

There are several suggestions for proper handling when straying. A local attorney in Puerto Rico said the stray dogs were “very smart” and friendly to people.

He sees a butcher dividing chicken and realizes that most strays are shy, respectful, and have learned not to run into the house. Dogs should not eat them because they are harmful to their digestive system.

Bones are a dog’s favorite (especially chicken bones). “Bone” can be obtained from a chicken carcass in two days. Most of these dogs won’t eat again for two days, so you can tell they’re delighted to see that piece of meat.

Some people are concerned that their dogs will be injured when they eat the bones, but others are quick to point out that cooked bones are even more dangerous as they can decompose and cause internal damage and injury. . The backbone is made up of the bones of well-intentioned strangers.

Others questioned whether the video was shot in Türkiye. One Reddit user located the video in Turkey by noticing the logo of a Turkish company printed on a cardboard box in the background.

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According to another Reddit user: “In most Turkish cities, feral cats and dogs are treated pretty well. After checking, tagging, and returning their original neighborhood, the city will release any stray dogs or cats. They also visit the vet regularly.

They explain: “Everybody leaves food and water bowls, and many restaurants have actually taken them and taken care of them. This is a common practice at meat markets and seafood stores, where leftovers are often given to homeless customers.

The researchers found that “cats practically rule the city of Istanbul,” echoing the claims of earlier commentators. The cat came up to me and started nibbling on the chicken with his fingers until the waiter told us what kind of sauce the cat liked. It happened a few years ago when I was sitting on the terrace. It’s great to see them so well cared for, but tragic to know that some of them have to endure the cold and humidity overnight outdoors.

There are many sympathetic butchers like anonymous working in Türkiye. Ikram Korkmazer, also Turkish, has always been affectionate towards furry friends. Customers often bring their pets to his store to find food. After a video of a customer’s cat leaning against the butcher counter asking for a reward went viral, it gained a lot of attention.

He also has a pack of dogs on Korkmazer’s sidewalks eager to grab their paws for his food (or two or three).

Here is the video.

And in the next video, the dog wags its tail waiting for a plate of food, proving that the butcher has regular customers.

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