The Flash’s Original Ending Gave Ben Affleck’s Batman A Much Better Farewell

warning! This article contains spoilers for The Flash.

speedThe cut-out book ending gave Ben Affleck’s Batman an even better goodbye. speed Ezra Miller plays Barry Allen, a character who disrupts the multiverse and creates an alternate universe after saving his mother, who was murdered in the past. Miller’s two Barry Allens, a DCEU protagonist and the new reality created by that character, aren’t the only heroes appearing in League of Legends. speed.Miller has been powered by speedAn extensive cast of characters, including Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton’s Batman, Sasha Culler’s Supergirl, Michael Shannon’s General Zod, and even Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Aquaman also appear in Aquaman and Jason Momoa.

speed Miller’s Barry Allen realizes he has to go back and cancel his choices to save his mother, leading to the film — arguably the most emotional scene in the DCEU. Although this is a film full of emotion and spectacle, speed Has become a huge box office bomb for DC. One of the reasons for this was the announcement that the DCEU would be rebooting in favor of a new DC universe, which attracted some attention. speed. In keeping with the new reboot, the Speedster movie changed its ending, sadly, speedThe ending of the original was an even better goodbye for Affleck’s Batman.

Ben Affleck’s Batman Farewell Is Preparing For An Abandoned Future

Over the years, Affleck has had a bumpy ride as Batman behind the scenes in the DCEU. The actor received mixed reviews when he first took on the role, but his subsequent portrayal of the Dark Knight became the highlight of the controversial 2016 The Dark Knight. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Since then, the Batman solo movie announced by Affleck has ultimately failed, even though the details of Affleck’s Batman screenplay sound great. Alliance justiceThe reshoots of director Joss Whedon don’t appear to be playing Batman anymore.

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EQUAL speed Indicates that Affleck’s retirement is temporary. Affleck says his favorite Batman scene is speed. It’s easy to see why, as recent DC movies have managed to balance the wholesome action of Batman (the most watchable character in the DCEU’s comics) with some intensely emotional moments. and a little fun. .Satisfied speedAffleck’s Bruce Wayne said to Barry, “maybe another time,” when the young hero tries to connect with him. Words carry a lot of weight after Bruce confesses some of his darkest secrets after touching Wonder Woman’s Lanyard of Truth.

When Wonder Woman helps Batman on the bridge, Bruce reveals that he created the Batman character to deal with his childhood trauma and admits that he is aware of issues with his ego. It all took place in front of Barry, and the two characters now understand each other better. This is realized on the big screen as the two talk about how Barry might go back to save his mother, or even Bruce’s parents, with Affleck’s character saying they have to embrace the past instead not delete it. After a big step forward in the two characters’ relationship, Affleck’s final words to Barry hint at a future that never comes to fruition.

Flash’s scrapped ending changes the meaning of Batman’s repeated promises

Keaton Batman and Miller Barry Allen in 'The Flash'

A chance for a friendship between Affleck’s Bruce Wayne and Miller’s Barry Allen went up in smoke when Barry went back in time to prevent his mother from being killed, creating a new universe. Enter Keaton’s Batman, the version of the character from the Tim Burton films that took Affleck’s place in this new reality. Barry then has to go through all the stages of being attached to a new version of Bruce Wayne, Keaton’s character who is older than Affleck and retired from Batman after wiping out all of Gotham’s crimes. The relationship between the two characters is different, with the roles of The Flash and Batman interchangeable.

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In the main DCEU reality, Affleck’s Batman recruited Miller’s Barry Allen to join the Justice League, after learning of the Speedster’s powers. in the created universe speedIn the comic book version of the “Bright Spots” story, Miller’s Barry Allen must recruit Keaton’s Bruce Wayne to help find Superman – in fact Kal-El Culler’s Supergirl in Childhood Murders – to prevent Shannon’s Zod from succeeding in his plan. steel man Earth terraforming program. Despite the differences between Keaton’s Batman and Affleck’s Dark Knight, both end up making the same commitment to Barry.

Keaton’s Bruce Wayne said to Barry in his hospital bed: “I thought maybe other timesThat line further emphasizes Affleck’s Bruce Wayne’s earlier commitment to Miller’s Barry Allen. Like what happened to Affleck, because speedThe changing multiverse, the death of Keaton’s Batman, and the subsequent multiverse changes made the double promise impossible. speed There are three epilogues and both removed versions of the epilogue include Keaton as Batman, while the final version does not. Sadly, in doing so, the promises of Affleck and Keaton’s version of Batman go nowhere.

Michael Keaton’s Lost Batman Future Could Make Up for His Dying Crisis

Michael Keaton's Batman Flash Suit

first version speedIn the final episode, Keaton’s Batman and Culler’s Supergirl meet Miller’s Barry after his father is acquitted. speed Show that time. The film then underwent a second epilogue, with Henry Cavill’s Superman and Gadot’s Wonder Woman joining Batman and Supergirl. That ending was also dropped, with DC Studios co-CEOs Gunn and Peter Safran deciding to remove any possible future trailers that would fail as the duo reboots the DCEU with the Universe. Their new DC. This leads to speedThe real ending is George Clooney replacing Keaton with Bruce Wayne.

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Clooney was cast because he obviously won’t be returning as Batman in the future, leaving speedThe ending is more of a joke than teasing Keaton, which could never be more. Keaton’s death ending as Batman will be rewarded with early plans for his future in the DCEU. speed. According to reports, Keaton’s Batman will in some way be the DCEU’s Nick Fury, and his Batman was originally planned to act as a mentor to young heroes on multiple DCEU projects.

One of those projects was the canceled Batgirl movie, in which Keaton shot many scenes about Batman. These plans will allow Keaton’s Bruce and Miller’s Barry to develop a true friendship, fulfill the double promise Affleck’s Bruce Wayne began, and give him a fitting ending. speed, unfortunately this did not happen. It would be a perfect setting for Keaton’s DCEU future, and a hopeful note to end the Affleck era when Batman has lost his influence, speedBatman’s promise has yet to be fulfilled.

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