The family takes turns sleeping with their older dog to keep him company and not let him sleep alone

The story is about an adorable dog named Spike. The dog was adopted by Catherine Morris and her family nine years ago.

The dog is agile and very active, even a few days after adoption he decided he wanted to sleep with his housemates.

He is very determined because every night he jumps in and sleeps with people until his family allows him to sleep with him.

Unfortunately, when Spike turned fourteen, he suffered two strokes, which affected his ability to move.

Fortunately, his lovely family did everything they could to help him regain some of his strength.

Now that the dog can walk on its own, it cannot climb stairs on its own. This was a big deal for Spike because he slept with his family upstairs.

So the family decided not to let him sleep alone. Catherine Morris shared on Instagram that each family member took turns sleeping downstairs with Spike.

This doesn’t affect his life as he is now very happy to continue cuddling. A video shared on Instagram shows the cute arrangement. Some days her father stays with Spike, and some days she sleeps with him. What a wonderful family.

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