The dog was abused by being thrown in the trash and was barely able to pick up its body when it was discovered by a rescue team

It’s great to have so many kind, caring, warm and kind people. Nikki Rubino spotted this cute puppy near the sports center. The dog was damaged and injured, and there were a lot of flies and mud on his body.

The weak and frightened dog could not walk because it was tied to a stick.

Looks like someone was brutalizing this sweet pit bull. Looking at the pit bull, Nikki realized that the pit bull was about to die.

Nikki and her friend decided to take the dog to the vet. The dog’s condition is unstable. The very friendly and kind veterinarians did everything to treat the weak dog.

Charlie is a very sweet and intelligent dog. It’s terrifying to witness how humans can be so cruel to animals as in this case.

Apparently the dog was a canine boxer, unfortunately it had to have surgery on its dead facial tissue and muzzle.

For all the kind and generous people who did everything to save the dog and give it a colorful future.

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