The dog that was abandoned by the family is still lying in the blanket in the hope that it will return

She thought he would come back. Abandoning a pet must be one of the most cruel acts a person can commit.

Animals give you trust and love you with all their heart, so we are heartbroken at people who can carelessly abandon their pet without regard for its health.

Luckily, the story we’re about to share has a happy ending – but witnessing the impact of abandonment on a dog is incredibly heartbreaking, so bring tissues!

Our story begins in Dallas with Camilla, a cute little dog. Camilla’s parents were in the process of moving house and left mountains of trash outside their property for garbage collectors to pick up.

The pile includes old and unnecessary items in the household. Camilla is one of those anomalies. The unfortunate puppy was thrown like trash, literally the trash can outside her house.

Her owners are so unconcerned about her health that they don’t even feed her. Her only source of comfort was a blanket.

To make matters worse, timing couldn’t be more unfortunate. It is New Year’s Eve, the time when loved ones gather to celebrate the new year. While the others gathered in their homes and celebrated, Camilla was out in the street, scared and alone.

Instead of looking for food or safe haven, the loyal dog remains in the blanket waiting for the owner to return. Camilla is definitely confused as to why her family abandoned her. Dogs are only used to love. But they never came back.

Marina talked to other neighbors nearby and discovered that Camilla must have been abandoned. Now she is in charge of rescuing the puppies. Rescuing a puppy is a difficult process. She is probably afraid of strangers and is hesitant to leave without her family.

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The poor animal had a wound on its neck that the vet suspected was caused by a fight with another dog. Camilla is still learning to trust people, but now she’s much happier than when she was left outside her house. The sweet little girl was placed in a foster family and is now looking for her permanent home.

“She’s doing really well. Her personality is slowly showing and she’s starting to believe,” Patti told The Dodo.

This is a heartbreaking story. We hope that Camilla will soon find her permanent home and experience true love.

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