The dog cried helplessly and incessantly, realizing that the owners had brought it and left it in an animal shelter

The dog cried helplessly and understood countless times the owners had brought it and left it at the animal shelter. Two dogs whose owners did not have enough time to take care of the puppies were taken to an animal shelter.

At first, the two dogs were adorable and helpful. But soon, they were still alone with each other because of their family members. The two puppies realize that they are neighbors with other animals and not the friendly family they used to live in.

Save Carson Shelter Dogs said the two puppies were walking on a leash side by side before they were taken to the shelter.

But the two puppies have been feeling single lately and are homesick and missed each other. They have started an online campaign to adopt these dogs.

The dog AJ is 6 years old. The saddest dog after being separated from his dog brother. The dog was so scared that he cried at the animal shelter.

Rescue Dogs from the Carson Shelter wrote that Aj is a kind, sweet, and loving dog. Now he is very playful and active, but sometimes misses his doggy brother.

The heartwarming and touching story about the dog AJ is going viral very quickly.

Soon, AJ’s cry turned into a smile full of love and concern as the puppy was released from the animal shelter.

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