The Dark Crystal Theory: Who Jen & Kira’s Parents Are

The three main characters of the Netflix prequel series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance can be parents dark crystalThe characters of Jen and Kira.exist black crystalJen and Kira are two key characters, so it makes sense for the prequel to reveal who they really are and where they come from.

Although Netflix The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Instead of directly confirming who their parents are, it offers some interesting hints that provide strong evidence for who they might be.exist black crystalIn a quick dream, Kira shares her first memory with Jen, which reveals that her mother hugged her as a child while on the run from Garthim.inside age of resistanceDeet was gifted with a gift when he saw a young girl hovering from a divine tree that looked a lot like Princess Brea and escaped with a child. Meanwhile, Deet’s vision shows Rian trying to heal the crystal with shards, much like how Jen does in the movie.

It is revealed that Brea is Kira’s mother and Rian is Jen’s father. The female gelfling that Kira remembers had Brea’s eyes and hair. She is also wearing the same style of clothing. Another interesting clue is the design on Kira’s skirt, which appears to be a symbol of the Vapla clan. With all this in mind, chances are that Brea is indeed Kira’s mother. As for Jen, in addition to his Lane-like appearance, he also has the Stonewood family emblem on his clothes. This could be a symbolic parallel meant to allude to Rian’s relationship with Jen. While Rian won’t be able to heal the Crystal in the end, as he is not the hero prophesied to restore balance to Thra, if he is officially identified as Rian’s son, he will succeed thanks to Jen.

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Like Jen, he is almost shaken by the manipulation of the housekeeper who is trying to bargain with him for the happiness of others. This happens in age of resistance Season 1, Episode 5, “She Knows All Secrets”, in the wagon scene, somewhat mirroring the gelfling’s wreckage black crystalThe suggestion of a possible connection was further strengthened when Rian responded to several of Jen’s responses in the original film at various times during the screening.

Another thought-provoking tidbit is that Jen completes the family circle with her heroic legacy. There will be three generations of heroes of the stone and wood clan. Ordon was hailed as a great warrior during the Arathim War, while Rian bravely led the rebellion against the Skeksis in Stone-in-the-Wood. Having grandfather, father, and son each play a role in Thra’s history adds another layer of meaning to an already rich plot.

It all ends with Jim Henson & Company’s love story, Ryan and Deeter in a behind-the-scenes commentary. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. This can be considered an indirect confirmation of who Ren’s mother is. Knowing this should give fans hope that Deet will be cured of the illnesses caused by The Darkening, as her romance with Rian was necessary to move on and lead to the birth of Jen. It’s fitting that the three main characters are the parents of the original book black crystal The last one fulfilled the prophecy.

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