The Circle: Why Fans Think Sam’s Photos Make Her A Catfish

circle Season 5 dropped all remaining episodes and fans were delighted to see the new contestants navigating the competition on social media. Although the game allowed contestants to play catfish, using other people’s photos and identities instead of their own, viewers noticed something interesting about the show’s winner, Sam Carmona. Although Sam played herself this season, many fans were stunned by her photo. Although she was using a photo of herself, some fans thought she was playing catfish.

In the world circle, Catfish are very popular. While it’s not always easy to spot from the contestants, some species of catfish are better at the trick than others. For example, round Parker Abbott is bad at fishing because she can’t help but be like me. While catfish can be picked up in the game, many contestants choose to play their true selves to foster relationships with other contestants and win their favor.

Sam Carmona’s photo might look too filtered

Even though Sam came in circle Starring her in the fifth season, some fans felt that her looks were a bit too deceiving. Reddit user Senior-Lychee6079 explains, “I think her image is a bit old. She has less tattoos. Makeup and angles can also do wonders.” While some insisted that the argument was rude to Sam, others had to agree that the photos were at least misleading. A 34-year-old makeup artist from Brooklyn, New York, Sam enters the game in a competitive spirit, with several photo books showcasing her incredible skills. Although she wore makeup in front of the camera in the game, some viewers felt that her appearance was very different from the photo.

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Makeup could have turned Sam Carmona into a catfish

While Sam looks great with or without makeup, viewers feel compelled to point out that the use of misleading photographs in a game that requires contestants to express themselves only in photos and text is a bit difficult. Sam can alter her face with makeup, temporarily altering her features to make her look younger or completely different. While she’s happy to use any of her photos in the game, some viewers feel that Sam presents herself differently than when she doesn’t wear makeup, which could be seen as fishy. slippery. Reddit user Lindsay_Marie13 joined the fray with their comments and said, “She’s still pretty without makeup, but… the difference is day and night.”

Although Sam eventually won the race, her strategy seemed to work, helping her win over the other contestants. Although her appearance is not much different from a real catfish, some fans are sure that she has fooled others with her photos. Sam won $100,000 and will be added to the list of winners circle history.

Source: Sam Carmona/TikTok, Senior-Lychee6079/Reddit

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