The cat fell in love with the neighbor’s cat, almost every day he came to greet her for 2 years

Sophie and Scottie are definitely one of the cutest cat couples we’ve ever written about. Their romance begins when Scottie first sees the neighbor’s cat Sophie.

Since then, he loved her passionately and couldn’t go a day without visiting her. Despite his deep feelings for Sophie, he remained aloof and watched her from afar.

‘His persistence started to pay off and soon Sophie began to expect him to join her adventures and let him sit with her,’ Sophie’s owner told her. Love Meow. It didn’t take long for Sophie to appreciate Scottie’s efforts and soon the two became the cutest cat couple ever. Scroll down to see the rest of this captivating romance.

This is Sophie, a rescue cat from Boston, adopted in 2014. A few months later, on her first walk around the block, she met her biggest fan, Scottie.

From the first time they met, Scottie couldn’t take his eyes off her, and almost every day he watched her from afar.

However, Sophie was too busy to be a proper lady. Playing hard to reach is her way of testing a man’s feelings for her.

A few weeks later, Scottie finally plucked up the courage to introduce herself to the charming cat. Every day after that, his love for Sophie deepens and he shows it through his actions.

After days of trying her best, Sophie finally confesses her love to him. They become friends and go on adventures together.

Their relationship deepens and Scottie quickly gains her trust, allowing Scottie to sit closer to her.

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Scottie is clearly consistent in his efforts, which has earned him a place in Sophie’s heart.

Two years later, the two are inseparable and become the cutest cat couple ever! See how sophisticated this couple is as they spend the day together.

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