The Boys’ Homelander Makes A Menacing Disney Villain In Fan Art

New digital art turns villain Frozen Hans into Homelander and leader of the Seven into Homelander boys Become a handsome, scary Disney villain. To borrow the words of the show’s protagonist, Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), The Homesteader’s character, played by Anthony Starr, is a demon. Starr brings the perfect combination of evil and anger to a truly evil superhero, but also has the ability to attract attention when needed. The countryman, seen by the public as a force for good, is working to undermine any goodwill his power may gain for personal gain.

The show was such a hit on Prime Video that a third season was announced even before a second season debuted on the streaming service, and a spinoff was in the works. In addition to Starr and Urban, the cast includes Jack Quaid as Hughie Campbell, Laz Alonso as Mother’s Milk, and Aya Cash as the new Season 2 Stormfront character. The appeal of the film is that it completely turns the superhero genre upside down, turning the superheroes into a bunch of corrupt villains, and the movie’s good guys, the famous boys, are no better. bag.

Now, digital artist Samuel Cheve, best known for turning pop culture figures into Disney characters, has transformed Homelander’s sinister nature and good looks into Hans. movie freeze, creating “Hanslander”. The art is incredibly precise, perfectly capturing Starr’s awkward smile, making him look both handsome and intimidating. You can see the artwork below, which includes a side-by-side comparison, as well as what the Disney character looks like, covered in blood and with red eyes.

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Apart from the big difference in tone freeze And boysThe comparison is very appropriate as both of these villains hide their true nature from the public. Of course, Hans’s hands were much less bloody. The artwork also introduces an alternate, subversive version of animation boys May look like it. Undoubtedly, the fact that the characters run around killing each other roughly the way Disney characters do with big eyes and cute hair will certainly add to the irony of the movie.

In fact, it wouldn’t be suitable for a program like this. boysThe show featured a super-strong character with a huge penis and mocked the likes of Tom Cruise and Scientology, creating an adorable animated series full of gore, flesh, and sex cartoons. Perhaps host Eric Kripke can take a cue from fan art and try to create a special third that subverts both the superhero and cartoon genres.

Source: Samuel Chev

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