The Biggest Shin Hati Theory Is Exactly What Star Wars Failed To Do With Kylo Ren

This article contains spoilers for Ahsoka episode 6.


  • Shin Hati’s character is a mysterious Dark Jedi Padawan with a unique agenda and orange lightsaber.
  • Viewers hope that Shin will be redeemed as she questions her master’s intentions and seeks to break free from his influence.
  • Shin and Sabine have a fierce rivalry but also a potential for a romantic relationship, setting up a unique dynamic and a possible twist in Shin’s story.

Shin Hati has quickly became a favorite among Ahsoka viewers, and the most popular theory about her fate is surprisingly similar to the one Star Wars avoided with Kylo Ren. Played by Ivanna Sakhno, Shin Hati is the Dark Jedi Padawan of Baylan Skoll. Both Shin and her master remain something of a mystery, unusual in everything from their orange lightsabers to their enigmatic agenda.

Ahsoka has placed Shin Hati in direct opposition to Jedi Padawan Sabine Wren, and the two have developed a fierce rivalry. Their duels seem as much a contest of wills as anything else, with neither willing to break the other’s gaze, and many viewers have compared them to Rey and Kylo Ren – if only because the latter continually underestimated the former. These parallels have led to many theorizing Shin will take a surprising path Kylo Ren never did.

Many Viewers Hope Shin Hati Will Be Redeemed

Ahsoka has shown that Shin only really knows what Baylan tells her, especially when it comes to Jedi and the Force. Her confrontations with Sabine and Ahsoka have encouraged Shin to look beyond Baylan’s words, as particularly seen in Ahsoka episode 6; she’s begun to question what Baylan seeks on Peridea, and insinuates she has no intention of staying there, even if her master wants to. This shows a level of conflict not seen in Kylo Ren, whose doubts were internalized and who was willing to accept Supreme Leader Snoke’s encouragement to embrace the dark side.

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Viewers are beginning to hope Shin will be redeemed. She clearly doesn’t want the kind of power Baylan is seeking, and her experiences on Peridea are helping her realize she has no idea what Baylan has planned for her. It’s possible Shin’s disillusionment with Baylan could cause her to be swayed by Ahsoka’s crew – most notably Sabine.

Shin Hati holds Sabine Wren's arm in Ahsoka and faces her in a lightsaber duel.

Shin and Sabine may be rivals, but they’ve become Ahsoka‘s most popular ship – in a way similar to those who shipped Kylo Ren with Rey. There are even strange parallels between the two pairs, with both having an intense duel in a forest. Despite almost killing Sabine and even Force-choking her on occasion, Ahsoka episode 6 shows Shin hesitant to go after her again with Baylan to kill her. Something has clearly developed, and whether it’s a fondness for Sabine or not, it’s pointing toward a twist in Shin’s story. They have a great setup for an enemies-to-lovers dynamic that could result in Shin redeeming herself in order to be by Sabine’s side, which is something Kylo was never truly willing to do for Rey.

Will This Shin Hati Work Out – Or Is Ahsoka Headed In A Different Direction?

Baylan Skoll sets his hand on Shin Hati's shoulder in Ahsoka episode 6.

It’s hopeful that this version of Shin will come to fruition and earn the redemption arc in Ahsoka that Kylo never truly had, but Ahsoka could also being going in a different direction. Shin still seems to want to have some kind of power, just not whatever Baylan is seeking. Power is certainly something of the dark side, and it’s clear that Shin has been okay with embracing it – seeing as she Force-choked Sabine in Ahsoka episode 4 and only released her at Baylan’s command. Despite this, it still could be that Shin is convinced by Sabine or even Ahsoka to seek life instead of power, especially as she’s been used to following whatever she’s been told.

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If Shin does continue down her current path at Baylan’s side, she might end up doing just what Kylo did in killing her master for whatever power she seeks. It’s more likely, however, that she takes the unexpected route and goes against her master in an act of redemption. All Shin needs is a chance to understand the perspectives of Jedi like Sabine, Ezra, and Ahsoka, and then she may be able to break free and follow her own path. Seeing Shin earn redemption in Ahsoka would certainly be a fascinating angle, especially since it would take the path Kylo Ren never did in the sequel Star Wars trilogy and could be a great what-if comparison for what could have happened had he turned earlier on.

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