The best time-loop movies and TV episodes

Movies and TV shows have taken the concept of déjà vu or having a weird feeling of a repeated experience to varying levels through some of the most notable projects of the last few decades. So much so, in fact, that the time loop has become a sub-genre of its own, largely made popular by the most famous time-loop movie of all, 1993’s Groundhog Day, and present in many TV shows over the years, either in episodic form like in Star Trek, or full shows like Netflix’s brilliant Russian Doll.

It’s no wonder since we are curious beings who want to know more about love, life, and existence. In some cases, these stories look at whether or not it’s possible to change the course of history or if things are the way they are meant to be. In others, characters are stuck in loops designed to teach them more about themselves or the people around them.

Sometimes ominous, and sometimes downright hilarious, the time-loop genre is thoroughly entertaining, so if you’re looking for an interesting take on the theme, here are some great TV episodes and movies you can stream right now.

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