The best places to land in Fortnite right now

Survival is key in Fortnite, and it all starts by picking the best starting location. Even if you’re an expert player, your likelihood of coming out on top is greatly diminished if you start off on the wrong foot — whether it be at a barren location with no loot or a hot drop that could lead to a swift death. As part of Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 3, there’s no shortage of fantastic landing spots, but which one you choose comes down to your skill and preference, and you’re going to want to pick the right one if you want to win Fortnite. So join us as we show you the best Fortnite landing spots for veterans, beginners, and everyone in-between.

The best places to land in Fortnite

Before jumping into the list, it’s important to be aware of what makes a good landing spot. Sure, any place with decent loot might serve you well, but there’s more to consider than that. Does a spot have a consistent chest/loot spawn? Are there guaranteed materials? Is it close to other places of interest (POI)s? Is it out of the way? Of course, loot is the most important aspect, but it does you no good to have a stacked loadout if you’re stuck in the storm. These recommended landing spots all have some degree of consistency and fantastic loot, and typically have some quirk that makes them effective depending on your playstyle.

For Season 3 specifically, the Fortnite island hasn’t completely changed, but there are some differences in the middle portion of the map. This area has been completely overhauled, adding several new POIs. With that in mind, some of the landing spots from Season 2 still apply during Season 3.

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Seaside Entry

Seaside Entry in Fortnite.

Surviving in Fortnite is no easy task, so if you’re a passive player, you might want to check out the Seaside Entry landing spot on the west side of the map. It’s out of the way, almost never contested, and has enough loot for you to get stocked up before rotating. Specifically, we recommend hitting all the shacks and buildings along the shore. There should be plenty of chests and loot all along the way. Once you’re geared up, you can then head to Shattered Slabs, where you’ll likely find enemies — or you can continue along the shore away from the action.

Slappy Shores

Slappy Shores in Fortnite.

While most of the main POIs are great in their own ways, Slappy Shores has it all. It’s got a ton of loot, a Slurp Truck on the bridge, and plenty of resources for gathering materials. The main reason this POI is so effective is that it has a little bit of everything, including a body of water so you can fish, along with access to a Reboot Van nearby. But beyond that, Slappy Shores is typically out of the way, meaning it’s less likely to be contested compared to other main POIs. That doesn’t mean you’ll have this location to yourself — but it’s a far cry from landing at Rumble Ruins or The Citadel, giving you a little taste of the action without throwing you to the wolves. This is a great spot for those looking to practice getting into gunfights in the early stages.

Meadow Mansion

Meadow Mansion in Fortnite.

For players wanting to play it as safely as possible, while guaranteeing fantastic loot, look no further than Meadow Mansion. This house feels like its own little city, full of everything you’d need to get started, from lots of materials to guaranteed chest spawns, loot, and a Reboot Van just in case things go badly. Aside from that, this spot has access to vehicles in the garage, allowing you to rotate to a different location with ease. Frenzy Fields is a hot drop, found to the east, but if you stock up at Meadow Mansion first before visiting it, you’ll be in good shape. This area is a little bit out of the way, so you’ll want to pay attention so you don’t get caught in the storm.

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Restful Retreat

Restful Retreat in Fortnite.

Another low-key drop point, Restful Retreat is a little island to the north of Knotty Nets that is almost never contested and is home to a handful of chests, a Slurp Truck, Slurp Barrels, and geysers (which are great for rotation). You’ll easily be able to loot up and get ready for the fight ahead after landing here. Just be sure to pay attention to the storm, as it’s easy to get distracted while you’re so far away from zone.

The Apparatus

The Apparatus in Fortnite.

Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught in the storm, especially if you’re distracted by gathering loot or fighting enemies. If you’re someone who tends to lose track of the storm, we highly recommend landing at The Apparatus, which is a rock temple to the east of Rumble Ruins. The Apparatus is right in the middle of the map and contains numerous chests and supplies for you to collect. After you’re stocked up, it’s easy to move to the next zone from here since it’s right in the middle of the island.

Mayday Meadow

Mayday Meadow in Fortnite.

Next is yet another central drop point, Mayday Meadow. This area is found just west of Shady Stilts and is usually a bit of a hotter drop than some other areas. You’ll find lots of chests and loot here, including Slurp Barrels, a vending machine, and plenty of building supplies. It’s a great drop spot for players who want a bit of action without being thrown against several other teams.

Kenjutsu Crossing

Kenjutsu Crossing in Fortnite.

Finally, we recommend landing at Kenjutsu Crossing, which is a hot drop, but if you know how to navigate the area, you have the potential to come out with a powerful loadout. Land on the top floor, head inside to grab a weapon from a chest, and then do your best to pick off anyone who lands outside. If you stand on the roof, you’ll have a clear line of sight. You can then slowly make your way down this multistoried building, doing your best to grab as much loot as possible as you descend. If you make it out alive, you’ll have valuable gear, and you can then make your way to the north to get to zone. Speaking of which, make sure you pay attention to the storm, as it’s easy to get caught out of bounds if you aren’t paying attention, especially since Kenjutsu is so far to the southeast.

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