The Best Fennec 45 Loadout For Warzone 2 (January 2023)

Fennec 45 is a true “hunter’s SMG” as its balanced stats allow players to easily ambush opponents in Warzone 2 January 2023.

The Fennec 45 SMG is definitely one of the “meta” weapons for the current January 2023 season war zone 2. Its exceptional rate of fire allows it to deal a lot of damage in quick bursts. While the range of this SMG is inherently lower than that of an LMG or AR, its recoil control and balanced accuracy ensure reliable kills at close and medium range. In addition, the Fennec 45 is extremely flexible and mobile, allowing users to easily chase targets, quickly dodge gunfire and maneuver in a variety of environments on the Battle Royale and DMZ maps.

Get started with the best perks loaded for the Fennec 45 SMG Call of the Mission: Warzone 2, the player should equip the ghost. The combination of Tracker, Double Time, Spotter, and Ghost turns SMG users into deadly predators, stalking their prey quickly across the battlefield.

Tracker and Spotter can learn the location of enemies, while Double Time and Ghost can help players better layout an ambush an opponent or evacuate the area without leaving a trace. For optimal attachment settings, Fennec 45 users should take advantage of the gun by increasing its agility and speed.

Warzone 2 best accessories for Fennec 45 Jan 2023

Attaching the Fennec Rubber Grip to the Fennec 45 SMG in Warzone 2

Device-wise, best downloads for Fennec 45 January 2023 war zone 2 Works well with Drill Charge and Flash Grenade, according to Charlie INTEL. Flash grenades are useful as a crowd control option to engage or run away from enemies, while the drill is primarily useful for clearing rooms and dealing with lurking opponents. For detailed information on the best accessories for SMG Fennec 45, players can refer to the following index and from call of duty Ryda Content Creator:

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coin slot



Advantages Disadvantage


Fake DX90-F

This muzzle dampens the weapon’s sound and conceals its operator’s location for covert operation.

  • Improved: sound suppression and smooth recoil
  • Damage: damage range


EXF . solar flare

The main attraction of this weapon accessory is that it increases the speed of the sprint and the stability of the target.

  • Features: flashlight
  • Improved: Sprint rate and target stability
  • Reason: Enemy can see the flashlight

in stock

Agility Attack 7

This Tempus Armament stock offers decent support to dramatically improve mobility.

  • Improved: target speed, crouch movement speed, sprint speed and target walking speed war zone 2
  • Damage: recoil control and target stabilization

rear handle

Pinna rubber handle

The rubber texture of this rear grip allows for quicker aiming.

  • Improved: target speed and sprint to shoot speed
  • Damage: Control Recoil


Fennec Mag 45

This high capacity 45 round drum magazine holds .45 automatic ammo.

  • Improved: magazine ammo capacity
  • Nerf: Aiming speed, movement speed, sprint speed and reload speed

Source: YouTube/Ryda | Charlie Intel

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