The Batman: 10 Best Pieces Of Merchandise To Get In Hype For The Movie

As much as Batman movies are these dark stories focusing on a vigilante trying to save Gotham from a plethora of twisted villains, they are also money makers. Not just in the box office but with merchandise: toys, collectibles, apparel, and anything that the Batman name can be printed upon.

Matt Reeves’ highly anticipated The Batman is no different. Despite being more of a detective thriller, The Batman features many different Batman characters, vehicles, and weapons that make the hero so iconic, so fans will likely want to pick up some of the merchandise based on The Batman.

Various Shirts

From Batman to Catwoman to even The Riddler, there are plenty of official Batman shirts within the merchandise for The Batman. Some are very much what many would expect from shirts based on a Batman movie while others a somewhat surprising.

There are vests, button-up shirts, basic t-shirts, and more to choose from on websites such as Hot Topic.

Hot Wheels RC Batmobile

Promo image of the Hot Wheels RC Batmobile for The Batman 2022

For fans looking for something bigger than your average Hot Wheels car, there is a new Batmobile from Mattel and Hot Wheels. Instead of just the car, however, it comes with a small Batman action figure and a stand for it straight out of the Batcave in the actual film.

On the stand, there is a small Bat-Signal that lights up, shining Batman’s iconic chest symbol upon the vehicle. It has fully functioning headlights and the glow of the exhaust, allowing for a great experience for the whole family at night and day.

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Cinemark Exclusive Cup & Popcorn Bucket

Split image of Cinemark exclusive popcorn bucket and cup for The Batman 2022

If by chance there is a Cinemark theater in their area, fans can get an exclusive cup and bowl for their drinks and popcorn. The cup is given a stone-like texture and design with an embossed logo, an image of Batman, and more. The cup almost looks like it was made from the walls of the Batcave, which makes sense since it is such an iconic superhero lair.

Meanwhile, the popcorn bucket features a metallic image of Batman’s symbol with the interior being a glossy metallic red. It matches the red motif that Matt Reeves’ The Batman is using quite well in its marketing.

Funko POPs

Split image of various Funko Pop figures for The Batman 2022

There is a Funko POP for seemingly everything these days so it should be no surprise that The Batman features its own line of them. There is a lot to choose from including Batman, Catwoman, Riddler, The Penguin, the Batmobile, Catwoman with her motorcycle, and even a 10-inch tall Funko POP Batman.

The gems to look for, however, are the exclusives. The Unmasked Batman can only be found at Pop In A Box with the Batman in his wingsuit is a Funko website exclusive. The battle-damaged Batman is only at Hot Topic and even regular Bruce Wayne himself can only be found at Target.

“I Am The Shadows” Premium Jacket

Split image of a model wearing the I Am The Shadows premium jacket and the premium jacket itself for The Batman 2022

Whether it’s to stay cooled or to look stylish, there is a brand new jacket that features an embossed Batman symbol. It looks akin to something Bruce Wayne would wear during his developmental stages of becoming the Caped Crusader, such as during the origin story titled Batman: Year One.

The only con is the price with the jacket being available at Merchoid online for $129.99 and as mentioned, the jacket is for more than style. It is made with quilted internal padding to keep the wearer warm.

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LEGO Technic Batmobile

Promo image of the LEGO Technic Batmobile for The Batman 2022

An entire Batmobile comprised of LEGO pieces; not only does it light up but features everything from functioning pistons, steering wheel, doors that can open or close, and even a hood. The hood opens up to show off the glowing engine.

There are many versions of the Batmobile in the past and they all get turned into toys in some way. This LEGO version of the Batmobile will take a long time to assemble due to having over 1300 pieces altogether. This Batmobile can be found at many retailers including the official LEGO website.

McFarlane Toys’ DC Multiverse The Batman

Split image of the McFarlane Toys 7-Inch Batman figure from DC Multiverse

This seven-inch figure is one of the better figures in the McFarlane Toys lineup thanks to the attention to detail put into Batman’s suit. Whereas other figures such as Bruce Wayne or Catwoman have issues with the actors’ likenesses in the face, this one gets it right.

Everything from the arm gauntlets down to the dark gray armor plating is spot on to the film and it won’t break the bank either. For $20, the DC Multiverse The Batman can be found at many retailers including Amazon.

AMC Exclusive Batman Cowl Popcorn Bucket

Split image of the AMC exclusive Batman cowl popcorn bucket both opened and closed

It was recently leaked that AMC Theaters will feature their own exclusive popcorn buckets for The Batman. These ones come in the form of the Batman cowl which Robert Pattinson wears in the film. The cowl can open from the top and store popcorn, which is possibly a subtle jab at the fact that Batman is mentally unhealthy.

Not only is it a clever popcorn bucket but any Batman fan would love to have that cowl on their shelf since it looks surprisingly screen-accurate.

McFarlane Toys Red And Black Statue

Split image of the McFarlane Toys red and black Batman statue

McFarlane Toys strike again with a statue that also utilizes the red and black theme of The Batman. The twelve-inch statue is styled and painted to resemble Batman standing in a neon-red light. With even greater detail than the DC Multiverse figure, it’s surprising that it’s only $40 at retailers such as Walmart whereas most statues this detailed are over $100.

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While it retains Robert Pattinson’s likeness, the statue also features the addition of the white eyes (or red in this case) to resemble how some of the best artists have drawn Batman in comics or animated films.

Batman Chest Emblem Replica

The Batman logo magnetic replica

This piece which can be purchased from Merchoid is a replica of what Robert Pattinson’s Batman wields upon his chest. Not only is it a bat-symbol but the movie version can be detached and used as a tactical knife or a Batarang. The replica is simply magnetic pieces that come together to make a 3.5-inch piece.

For a little over $30, comes in the basic gunmetal version similar to the film. However, for $35, there is a 24K plated variant. This can be a perfect version of the symbol for fans that prefer Batman to have some gold/yellow in his equipment.

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