The 98-year-old husband walked 6 miles to visit his wife in the hospital and congratulate her

A 98-year-old man will restore your belief that true and loyal love exists. This man is from Rochester, NY. The man’s name was Luther Younger.

He has been married for 55 years. A man is very attached to his wife. He even called his wife « the sweetest cup of tea he has ever had.

Every day a husband walks 6 miles to see his wife. Walk in all weather conditions, snow, rain and even heat. Nothing can stop him because he is so determined.

The man became quite famous in Rochester. Many people know him for his daily pilgrimage. This is not difficult for him.

He doesn’t go by taxi or bus. Many people offered to marry him, but he did not want to. Men are built sports. He loves to walk and he does it with pleasure.

Unfortunately, his wife was hospitalized for 9 years and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The doctors gave her five years, but she was quite strong and lived longer.

My husband even slept on the floor because he didn’t have his own room. The woman was also diagnosed with pneumonia a few months ago. Her husband now visits her more often.

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