The 90-year-old old man bids farewell to the dying Goat

When you are 90 years old, you have experienced many losses. None of that is easy. However, in those tenderest and saddest moments, being able to say goodbye is a gift.

In this video, a 90-year-old man says his final goodbyes to one of his good friends, which is exactly what happened to his neighbor’s dog, a chocolate lab, has been closed from time to time.

He and the dog are good friends. And, the dog adores him. He brings her cookies every day and she definitely looks forward to each visit with her friend. He will definitely be missed.

Her master was kind enough that he led her to the bridge, no matter how heartbreaking the act was. Her love for the man is evident because even at this age she is still wagging her tail at him, she is happy to see him.

She spends her last moments lying on the green grass in the yard, with her family by her side, when he comes to her. Despite his age, he knelt on the ground to rub her sweet belly and show her how much he loved her.

Gone are the days when she ran to him. He couldn’t seem to stand any longer. But he can still hold his head high and try to show how happy he is that he has come to her. She seems grateful to be around.

He gently offered her water from his hand, trying to encourage her to drink. She gently licks the water from his palm as her owner caresses her, giving her the most comfort possible.

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The moment is equally touching and heartbreaking. Saying goodbye to a loyal dog is one of the hardest things in the world. Being able to be with them and give them love and comfort is one of life’s greatest gifts.

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