The 100: Why Raven’s Ending Is Fitting (& Why It Makes No Sense)

The crow is unique among its characters in the chest 100. She does not appear in the novel that inspired the series, nor does she appear in the first volume of the series as one of the teenagers sent to Earth. However, Raven has become a very important character as the series progresses. The main characters would never have survived without her spaceship expertise.

For many fans, this could be a relief as she survived every apocalyptic event after what happened to her on the show. However, her ending may not please all fans, as some things seem to make no sense with how her story ends.

Suitability: Crow choose not to exceed

Talk to Jasper in The 100 when Raven returns from injury

Raven had her own transcendental experience and the like. She knows what it feels like when her mind connects to another’s mind and is free from pain. She doesn’t want to repeat that experience.

After all, as she pointed out to Jasper, “Nothing beats a little pain to remind you that you’re alive.” Raven would not choose to be part of a collective without pain, choosing to spend her time on Earth. The day allows her to live her life on her own terms.

Bullshit: She accepts everyone else above

Raven Stands In The Final Battle Of Humanity In The Final Season Of Series 100

It’s fun and a bit ridiculous, Raven is perfectly fine when it comes to overtaking the others. She had no idea how hard she and her friends had fought against a similar situation to be part of the City of Light.

After her own experience, she does not question the transcendence of all humanity as some sort of reward for their final act of peace.

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Good for: She argues with a new human life

Crow looks distraught in the last episode of 100 episodes

Raven is a strong advocate of people getting better and finding ways to survive without harming others. She grew up having to kill the Grounders in season one and despises it when her friends make decisions regarding the killing.

That’s why it makes perfect sense for her to think that people deserve another chance in life. After all, Raven got a second chance. The same goes for Octavia – almost all of their friends. For all their bad deeds, they both find another way to survive and they want to do good. She will believe that others want it too.

Bullshit: crows don’t really interact with the group

The main characters enjoy the first picnic of The 100 season 7

Even though there’s a whole bunch of characters who decide not to go beyond. As they have reiterated throughout the season, they are a family. Still, it’s fun to make a statement since Raven didn’t even interact with them for most of the final season.

Raven spent most of the final season with three characters: Murphy, Emori, and Clarke. Apparently, these are the people closest to her. However, aside from the opening picnic scene and the final moment on Earth’s beach, Raven doesn’t spend much time with any of the other characters.

FIT: She corrects Clark’s mistakes

Clark argues with mysterious new creature at the end of Series 100

Raven spends a lot of time in the series cleaning up her friends or finding solutions to problems they can’t solve. Clarke and Bellamy need a way to slow down the Grounders in Season 1? Crows blow up a bridge. Some of her friends need to leave Earth to survive in Praimfaya? Missile repair crow.

Clarke was right to fail the ultimate test of humanity, and Raven refuses to accept it. She does her best to correct the mistakes Clark made so that the new alien species they encounter can also see the good in humanity.

Bullshit: Crows are technologists in a world without technology

When Raven and her friends return to Earth, whatever technology they were using before is gone forever. The buildings they built before are relics of the past, their ship is on another planet, and with the suit and stone destroyed, there’s no way back to the bardo or the sanctuary.

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Raven has always loved science and technology. She looked at the puzzle pieces around her and thought of ways to improve them. She is the actual spacewalker in the series. It’s hard to imagine her spending the rest of her life in a place where the technology she loved no longer exists.

Good for: She travels to many planets

Raven and Clarke in a cave on Ice Planet 100

Raven has always loved space. This is evident from the moment the audience meets her. She is both a scientist and an adventurer. In the final season, she is sure to have many adventures.

Raven figured out how to use Bardo’s helmet so that the team could travel from planet to planet. Her experience on all of these planets may not be the best, but Raven has a chance to explore using a unique travel system.

Bullshit: She ended up with no romantic partner

Raven talks to Shaw in The 100 Season 5

Aside from Clark, LaVine may be the unluckiest person in love on the show. Part of the reason she came to Earth is because Finn, who came to Earth for her, was there. After he died, it took her a long time to move on. When she does, it’s with someone who drives her crazy and that doesn’t last long.

Her final relationship in the series is with Shaw, who was sacrificed trying to get Revan and her friends to the Temple. His death devastated Raven and, for a time, caused a rift between her and Clarke. In the finale, the only romantic couple intact and together was Murphy and Emery, which seems unfair to the many characters who fell in love throughout the series, not just Raven.

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Good for: Crows spend the rest of their lives with their families

Raven and her friends meet Clarke on the beach at the end of the 100 . series

As Raven pointed out earlier in the series, she doesn’t have much of a family. In fact, she considers Finn her family, as her mother is more alcoholic than her daughter. Eventually, Raven began to think of her new friends, who had spent so much time on Earth and in the sky, as if they were her family.

Raven didn’t choose not to pass just because of her own experience. She made the choice because she wanted to stay on Earth with Clark and her friends. In the finale, she and Clark consider each other sisters, in the same way that Echo, Murphy, Emori, and Raven call each other family because of their experiences in space. She can stay with the family she has created.

Bullshit: Crows have finally come to Earth

Crows holding axes on the beach in the finale of The 100

Ravens to Earth help change the course of the program. While she was excited to see Earth when it first arrived – air, greenery and fresh water – it wasn’t quite her home. The most comfortable crow among the stars. Earth as her final resting place doesn’t seem to match her personality.

Raven likes to stay at home exploring one of the ships left in Sanctum or similar. Literally, it seems unlucky for her to be in the backcountry.

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