Terraria: Corruption vs. Crimson Zones

Terraria is an action-adventure game in which the player travels through a random world and explores various biomes. Like the Star Wars planets, these regions are distinguished by their unique ecosystems (oceans, jungles, deserts, etc.). Some biomes are less friendly; they are called evil biomes. Evil biomes are either broken or crimson, quickly recognizable as purple or red respectively.

According to Terraria lore, Corruption and the Crimson are sentient forces seeking to restore balance to the world. Each randomly generated world has a 50% chance of generating Corruption or Crimson, but not both. The difference between these two evil biomes is bigger than the difference between purple and red. Players can find the toughest enemies, rarest loot and even exotic fish here. The latest update “Journey’s End” even added some new enemies and bosses to Hardmode.

Broken area in Terraria

Unlike the crimson zigzag organic growth zones, the corruption cracks go straight down. The boss at the end of the broken area in normal mode is Eater of Worlds, this boss becomes much more difficult in hard mode. Damaged enemies in Hardmode include Slimer and World Feeder. When the world is created, the tree will turn half purple, indicating it has rotted.

The Crimson Zone in Terraria

There can be Crimson Desert or Crimson Snow biomes where materials such as sand and snow are replaced by Crimson Sand and Crimson Snow. In general, the crimson areas will be a bit harder than the damaged areas. Enemy types will again be different for Normal Mode and Hard Mode. Players looking for an immediate challenge can create artificial crimson biomes using crimson beads. Natural Crimson begins as a closed area, but gradually spreads throughout the biome like a living virus. After defeating the boss “Wall of Flesh”, Crimson spreads faster. When the world is created, the tree icon will turn half red to indicate Crimson elements.

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A Tale of Two Worlds in Terraria

Terraria is a beautiful and dangerous world. Having the right equipment is important before entering the Corruption or Crimson Zone. Players will need at least a good grappling hook, or enhanced jumping ability, to descend safely into the underground fissures created in the world. The latest update has added an ultimate dose of challenge to these dangerous areas, so take some time to learn about their unique abilities.

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Terraria Available on PC, PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

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