Teen Mom: Jenelle Reveals Son Kaiser is Staying with Her Ex All Summer

Young mother 2 Star Janelle Evans revealed her son Caesar has been living with ex Nathan all summer. MTV fans are now worried that the former couple is no longer compatible.

When it comes to Young Moms, Jenelle is an iconic protagonist. Fans first saw her when she was 16 and pregnant, wading into the sea in a bikini while she was 8 months pregnant. Nearly 12 years after Evans was introduced to fans at the age of 17, some say not much has changed. Jess still lives with her mother, Barbara, and the reality TV star is taking care of the baby’s dad. Evan’s party style works in her favor, and she finds herself fighting over the kids. In 2019, MTV announced that she would no longer star in the series.

The mother-of-three recently announced to her followers that her son Caesar will be staying with his dad, Nathan Griffith, during the summer. It looks like a custody deal is in full swing, as many fans can understand the timeline. The former couple share custody of Kaiser, but Jenelle has primary custody. evans Sharing news about her 6-year-old daughter’s summer vacation on Twitter, she wrote: “First time Kaiser vacation with dad. It feels so weird!”

MTV fans will remember that Evans and Griffith reached an agreement over the custody of Kaiser’s children. They decided to give the former Marine the weekend off, and if her son wasn’t around, Caesar’s grandmother, Dolly, would take his place. The couple have also previously taken time off from each other, with the court giving Griffith six weeks off over the summer. The fan repeated without hesitation: “I’m glad he’s had a safe summer away from David.”

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The two parents have had many issues, most recently when Griffith said on his Instagram Live that he didn’t want Caesar to be with Evans’ oldest child, Jess. young mother Fans flocked, and Jace seemed to be teasing his little brother. The coach made it clear that he didn’t think Jace was a good kid. As for Kaiser, he has finally graduated from kindergarten and is about to enter first grade. Hope Kaiser has a fun summer with beach trips and BBQ!

source: Janelle Evans

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