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The heroes responsible for saving the world are always busy carrying out their great missions. Glory is like that, but there will be times when you are tired and need to rest. They are human after all, so it makes sense. The perfect place for the hero to rest was the luxurious tavern in the kingdom. Do you want to run a bar like this? If yes, then I recommend you try Sin Tavern.

Welcome to the brave pub business type. The heroes of the kingdom are one of the most common fringe details in manga or anime. Tell us more about the hero’s life. Answer questions like what the hero does when he’s not fighting. In the sin tavern, directly manage your tavern, you will understand better. Pick up the high roller every day. Hire more beautiful and attractive employees, too. Increase income for the location while learning more about the story behind it.

Download Tavern of Sins mod – Hero’s Tavern Business

The bar that welcomes the heroes will have a rather nostalgic design. Based on the medieval setting, the architecture of the tavern is similar. Wooden floors and tables. A place for guests to sit and watch the beautiful staff. In the center of the bar, the square represents the position of the waitress. They don’t carry alcohol and they do jobs that we shouldn’t talk about here. Especially, if you combine 2 identical girl cells, it will create a more beautiful girl than the old version. Customers will be very excited and spend a lot of money on each girl. This is their main job.

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Through the money received from the girl. Use them for anything but a few basic girls. The service has been upgraded to a beautiful girl that is superior to the original. The way to play is still the same, but the more money you get, the more boring it becomes. You hired another attractive girl. Add a list of highly dedicated bar staff to your proud collection.

Sin Tavern Mod

See a collection of interesting photos.

The girls you hire aren’t just pretty. She’s even cute, with lots of interesting traits. Once received, they work at the bar. You will have the opportunity to collect many photos of each girl. There are light and simple photos. Of course, some of the photos aren’t too vulgar. Due to the great contribution of the girls, the pub must have made a good profit. So you have to cherish them and save them carefully. It will only be your own secret.

upgrade pretty girl

Not just serving from the outside. The girls are willing to let you take off your coat. Show off your most private parts without coercion or intimidation. They want to do that. You will be responsible for upgrading the girl. Upgrading them to a higher level requires a certain amount of gold. When in this lethargic state, the amount of money you earn from your customers increases dramatically. Not only humans, but also girls of other races such as demons, elves or succubi. It will make you mesmerized and unable to take your eyes off the screen.

sin pub mod apk

colorful bar design

The space of the restaurant is also an important factor to attract especially high-class diners. You can easily change your bar layout, from seating to bar setting. Overcome daily challenges and wheel of fortune. You will earn coins for decorating more miniatures and even larger areas. Turn your bar into a beach with large sand dunes. The forest is full of all kinds of creatures. Or a very dreamy candy house, although the place isn’t kid-friendly either.

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Sin Tavern mod apk free

Except adventure. Enjoy a rare stay with your heroes in a fun bar. Become a bar owner, run your business and serve your customers what they need most. Create moments of refreshment and relaxation after each intense battle with beautiful, professional female staff. The gameplay is different from any other game. This unique feature will delight many people; If you’re wondering if you’re one of them, download Tavern of Sin to find out.

Download Tavern of Sins MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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