Who is Tammy Slaton? Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Husband

Tammy Slaton is an American reality TV personality who first gained popularity for her appearance on the TLC reality series “1000-lb Sisters.” The show follows the lives of Tammy and her sister, Amy, as they work to lose weight and improve their health. Tammy’s story has captivated audiences, and she has become a fan favorite among viewers who are invested in her journey to transform her life. Here’s a closer look into the life of Tammy Slaton.

Early Life and Family

Tammy Slaton

Tammy Slaton was born on October 2, 1985, in Kentucky, USA. She was raised in a small town in the state with her younger sister, Amy, and their parents. Tammy’s weight issues began at an early age, and by the time she was in her twenties, she had reached a weight of over 600 pounds.


Tammy Slaton

Tammy Slaton’s career has primarily revolved around her appearances on “1000-lb Sisters.” The show follows Tammy and her sister as they work to lose weight and improve their health. Tammy has been a subject of controversy due to her eating habits and her reluctance to follow her doctor’s advice. She has also been criticized for her attitude towards weight loss and her sometimes confrontational behavior towards her sister.

Age and Personal Life

Tammy Slaton

Tammy Slaton is 36 years old as of 2021. She is unmarried and has never been in a public relationship. She lives with her sister, Amy, in their hometown of Kentucky.


Tammy Slaton

There has been no information or rumors about Tammy Slaton being married to anyone. She has not made any announcements regarding her love life, and she seems to prefer keeping that aspect of her life private.

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Net Worth

Tammy Slaton

Tammy Slaton’s net worth is not publicly known. However, as a reality TV personality, she likely earns a substantial income from her appearances on “1000-lb Sisters.” Additionally, she has monetized her fame through merchandise sales and sponsorships on her social media accounts.


Q: How much weight has Tammy Slaton lost? A: Tammy has struggled to lose weight and has faced setbacks throughout her journey. However, as of the end of Season 2 of “1000-lb Sisters,” Tammy had lost over 50 pounds.

Q: Has Tammy Slaton had weight loss surgery? A: Yes, Tammy underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2020. However, she has struggled to adhere to her post-surgery diet and exercise regimen and has faced setbacks in her weight loss journey.

Q: What is Tammy Slaton’s relationship with her sister, Amy? A: Tammy and Amy have a complicated relationship, and their interactions are often tense and confrontational. However, they also share a deep bond and a desire to support each other on their weight loss journeys.

Q: What other TV shows has Tammy Slaton appeared on? A: Tammy has only appeared on “1000-lb Sisters” so far, but her popularity has led to appearances on other reality TV shows and podcasts.


Tammy Slaton’s story is a powerful one, and her appearance on “1000-lb Sisters” has captured the hearts and minds of audiences around the world. Despite facing setbacks and criticism, Tammy continues to work towards her weight loss goals and inspire others with her story. Her journey is far from over, and viewers are eagerly following her progress and supporting her every step of the way.

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