Tacoma FD Season 4 Will Be Even Crazier & Goofier, Promises Star

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EXCLUSIVE: Star Eugene Cordero promises season 4 of Tacoma FD will be even crazier and dumber, reveals filming is about to begin

Star Eugene Cordero says standards are already high tacoma FD Season 4 will be crazier and dumber than the previous seasons. TruTV comedy series of the duo Broken Lizard and Super soldier Screenwriters/stars Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme. tacoma FD Mainly set at the famous Washington Fire House and explore the crazy antics of the fire crews as they get fed up with real fires that their small town and every other government agency doesn’t have budget.

Stars Heffernan and Lemme tacoma FD Sheriff Terry McConkie and Captain Eddie Penicie join Marcus Henderson as Glenfield “Granny” Smith, and Hasey Harrison as Terry’s daughter and rookie firefighter Lucy McConkie, Gabriel Hogan as Ike Crystal, Eugene Cordero as Andy Miawani. The series premiered on truTV in early 2019, receiving mixed reviews from critics, but mostly positive reviews from viewers due to its humor similar to the films. Heffernan and Lime’s favorites. Super soldier Movies.and tacoma FD truTV, which has had consistent ratings throughout three seasons, updated the show for Season 4 and now one of the channel’s stars is sharing some insight into what’s coming for the new season. .

in conversation with exclusive rant screen To discuss his Simple Drinks campaign, Eugene Cordero provides information on tacoma FD Season 4. The star revealed that filming is about to begin for a new season, which promises to be crazier and more hilarious than before. See what Cordero has to say below:

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“Season 4 has started. Those people are the funniest, easiest to work with, and easiest to work with. Season 4 is going to be great. The madness you think is going to keep happening, they’re doing it instead. Raise the bar and make crazier things happen Crazier things happen, so get ready for lots of other things, lots of bugs I would say that Tacoma FD is full of silly moments, even if the plot isn’t the craziest, it’s the silliest moment, so it’s fun. And I’m so happy to be a part of it. [Haven’t started] However, this is just the beginning. Same thing, I can’t really fill it with any trailers or anything like that, but yeah, there’s definitely going to be some fun and crazy things going on, especially Penissi , he will do some crazy things. “

Tacoma FD . trio

tacoma FD Season 3 ends in a rather explosive fashion, with the famous firefighter’s house burning down and the group losing some of their most valuable possessions, including Ike’s thrifty mattress, the healing dummy. Granny’s illness and Andy’s grandfather’s ashes. In the season finale, Broken Lizard vet Paul Soter returns as Fire Inspector Boykins, who investigates the cause of the fire and puts the blame directly on the Tacoma crew, leaving all public Their jobs are at risk. The final episode also features the return of Joe Pantoliano as Eddie’s father and McConky’s boss, who reminds the group of what happened, saying he’ll shut them down.

Cordero’s promise of crazier things, silly things tacoma FD Season 4 is sure to be a fun tease for fans of the series, and he also confirmed that filming is about to begin. While he didn’t provide a specific time for when construction will begin, it looks like production will begin sometime closer to August with Cordero’s involvement. stone According to reports, filming has finally begun on season 2. Viewers can watch the first three seasons tacoma FD Streaming on HBO Max.

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