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APK information Sweet Home MOD

The use of currency will not decrease and you can get a lot of money by passing 3 levels.

Sweet Home, the most beautiful house will appear before your eyes unexpectedly. But to have such a house must measure intelligence, care and aesthetics among many other things. When we solved the puzzle, the results were fascinating. Solve problems quickly and get what you pay for. Your home is built with love and hard work. So you will be completely happy to step in there and start a new life of your own.

Like home design style? Sweet Home fully meets your needs from AZ with the highest quality. The first is the unique shapes, just like real tourism. Give us the best space to see and enjoy our work. It’s not too hard to start your career here. Fun and entertainment can lead to attractive stress-relieving moments. Help us practice judgment from interesting puzzles. There’s no need to look for something too stressful and upsetting.

Download Sweet Home mod – design your dream house

You can buy yourself a cheap apartment without searching too much. However, it is not cheaper than this apartment. A shabby place full of shabby things. You will have to change the status quo by completing puzzles to earn money. Each puzzle has specific requirements and works like a regular match 3 game. Note that you only have a fixed, non-variable amount of moves there. Don’t waste them and try to save steps to get more bonus points. Change slowly and your home will be a very different place.

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receive request

You not only receive home repairs, but also receive requests from many different guests. They trust you and give you extremely challenging tasks. It’s like a chapter full of puzzles. You will make enough money to replace everything in that room. It can be in any style you want as long as it turns out to be complete. From furniture to furniture, any damage is done. Once you are sure that there is no problem with it, you can deliver it back to your customer. Of course, the amount of compensation received will be greater than the amount you have to spend.

sweet house mod for free

many beautiful spaces

When you look at homes that have not been restored, you can see they have great potential. Each room has a unique design language to complete. From textures to architecture, everything is refreshing and luxurious. Plus, ethereal and modern from the conditioned urban life. However, some homes require a classic approach to stand out. It is often used by the elderly for everyday purposes. You will surprise them with your skills and aesthetic eye. Can create trust and satisfaction for difficult guests.

sweet house mod apk

Use advanced items

Many puzzle levels make you headache because you can’t find the most logical steps. So the enhancement item obtained is not a wrong choice to use. The drill helps you destroy any block on the playing field to collect items. A paint roller, toolbox, or paint box will have the same effect, but more impact. You will need to use them with care and caution at every stage of the Sweet Home mod.

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