MOD APK (Menu, Defense/Bullet/Xp) 1.11.0 MOD APK Info

  1. much defense
  2. xp . increase multiplier
  3. many arguments
  4. don’t reload

Become a survivor and save the city from the attack in the game The safety of the town is in danger with the large number of dangerous zombies. You and many survivors will take on the role of the city’s hero. Take up arms together and stop ferocious zombies from entering the city. The city needs someone stronger and braver than you to fight them. Face the dangers of zombies and fight for your survival and that of the city. Defeat more than a thousand monsters invading the city and destroy them to become a survivor.

Zombies appear and suddenly bring the city to the edge of the apocalypse, forcing you to stand up. You’re lucky to be one of the few thousands who haven’t been infected. The disease turns everyone into a fearsome creature that follows the herd and is ready to attack anyone. They are now flooding the city, attacking the very place where they were born and raised. It’s best to hold back any enemy attacks, especially if you come across them. The reward received is weapons, which can be upgraded in the workshop to participate in different battles. Fight the waves of zombies flooding your city by upgrading equipment.

Download Mod – Rescue the city from the zombie threat.

Compete against zombies and survive in the destroyed city. You will defeat this dangerous creature with severe damage in survival battle. Equip upgraded weapons to stop the wave of zombies. Join a meeting with those who are still healthy and form a team dedicated to hunting the undead. Or you can find out what the city looks like after a zombie attack. Grab your weapons and defend yourself on the ancient streets now ravaged by the undead. Perhaps their brutality will make you responsible for the city?

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city ​​hero

The appearance of zombies in the city has erased the inherent breath of humanity. To restore them to their former life, you must find and kill them and chase them out of the city limits. Zombies are rampant and their goal is to survive in the city. When they find anything alive, you won’t wonder what they did. But what happens before your eyes is that the place you used to be has been destroyed by them. All were destroyed by the brutality and herd power of the zombies. Responsibility is awakened in your heart, that is your strength. So chase them out of the city and restore peace.


Fight with zombies.

One needs to accept the challenge of killing zombies and enter the city. You and others have this responsibility and must fulfill it at all costs. Different tactics are given according to the different types of zombies in the city. Humans can do wonders for mysteries, and so can you. But you should keep an eye on your health points when fighting zombies. If you get distracted even a little, that number can drop to zero. In that case, you lose and your mission starts over from the starting line.

Survival io mod apk

Battle level up

The city has its map and you can use it to find zombies based on that map. The map also helps you identify crystals that appear randomly or when killing zombies. They are constantly regenerating, putting more and more pressure on you. It is also the source of crystals that you need to collect and level up your character. Each time you level up, you can choose one of three ways to upgrade to enhance your personality. You can also collect weapons from fighting zombies in difficult times. When the zombies come to surround you, the flamethrower will help you open the way out.

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mod io survivor

Join the top survivors of the zombie pandemic and hunt them down in the city. Finding the peace that once existed is the responsibility of the lucky ones who remain. The brutal zombies destroyed the town and killed all life that arose. Pick up weapons and carry to hunt zombies and become a hero. Peace will not be restored if there are zombies in the city. Battle each zombie based on the vast map of your location. Upgrade your character with various spells and weapons. Download the mod and take the responsibility to drive the zombies out of the city and bring back peace.

Download MOD APK for Android (Menu, Defense/Bullets/Xp)

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