Super Cloner 3D MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.6.4

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The use of gold coins did not decrease, but increased

If you’re a fan of the peacekeeping force, it’s hard to say no to Super Cloner 3D. A place where it is entirely possible to become a hero with overwhelming power. Defeat dozens of enemies and destroy their plots. Use your muscles to defeat all the villains using weapons. You will be a lone warrior like no other. Make new history with feats that can change the world. Discover your potential changes in any difficult situation.

Games with simplicity and 3D graphics are flooding the mobile gaming market. But it won’t produce the functionality that Super Cloner 3D offers us. In fact, you will feel the climax in the game’s combat rhythm. Master the growing challenges. Let the blockbuster explosions lead us to victory. Destroy everything that stands in our way now. Feel the excitement in every given movement.

Download Super Cloner 3D mod – Destroy all enemy bases

Terrorist groups began to show their expansion through large transactions. To avoid their threats, you received instructions from your superiors. The task is to destroy them all to eliminate the existing danger. You will break into the enemy base and head towards the center. In the path you are about to go there will be a dense protection density. We can take advantage of all the hidden corners to avoid the incoming bullets. Do not let the enemy attack you, or you will suffer huge damage. Find the leader in the last room and defeat them in the battle for survival.

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Enemies and traps

Each game corresponds to a sensitivity test that you must complete. Enemies will arrange many things on the way that can hurt you. For example, a trap can be filled with nasty things, and if we touch it, we will die. Next were the armed enemies standing around. It’s worth noting that anyone caught in the trap can lose their life, so you can take advantage of that. Kill them one by one, don’t let them corner you. Beware of those with machine guns and flamethrowers as they are more dangerous than others. If you act confidently quickly, everything will fail.

Super Clone 3D mod for free

Create combat tools

We can use many weapons to eliminate terrorists. You will have powerful guns that can shoot multiple arrows at the same time. There are robotic arms, rockets and drones for constant support. You can also use mines to create huge explosions. Amaze anyone with the devastation you can cause. But to own these weapons also costs a lot of money. We can use it from many levels with the accumulation of daily attendance. Find the equipment you want and show the enemy your abilities.

3d super clone mod apk

scary final boss

Each level usually has a boss standing in the last room waiting for you to face. If you want to defeat him, you can just use all favorable conditions. Be careful with the minions working for him as they are also very annoying. Skillful moves combined with consistent attacks will give you a significant advantage in Super Cloner 3D mod.

Download Super Cloner 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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