Suits Reminds Everyone Of Meghan Markle’s Rachel Amid Royal Drama

In the midst of her and Prince Harry’s war of words with the British royal family, the official social network Suit Reminds everyone of Meghan Markle’s Rachel Zane. The USA Network legal drama ran for nine seasons until its conclusion in 2019, following the stories of attorneys and other key employees at a prominent New York law firm. Among other things, it was Markle’s last act before she gave up acting and joined the royal family, when she married Prince Harry in 2018.

It’s been almost 5 years since Markle retired from acting Suit After Rachel and Mike decide to get married and move to Seattle. However, in the ongoing public conflict with the British royal family, Suit‘ The official Instagram account decided to share a clip of the Duchess of Sussex still on the project, reminding everyone of Markle’s experience as Rachel.

This is the first time an official TV account has mentioned Markle or Rachel since the actor quit legal drama. set Season 7 Finale. Given Meghan and Prince Harry’s complicated relationship with the British royal family, the timing of the post is certainly interesting considering everything that’s been going on in Meghan’s personal life.

Why Rachel Zane is one of the most suitable characters

part Suit‘ original character, the show developed Mike and Rachel’s love story over the course of several seasons. However, before major developments in Markle’s life, the couple officially said goodbye to the entertainment industry right after getting married. Suit Season 7 finale. If it weren’t for the character romance, Mike could have stayed at the law firm, and the legal drama has continued to rely on his interactions with Harvey Spector. But instead of tearing them apart, saying goodbye to the couple formally is definitely a better way to write about them, because seeing them break up after that time can be divisive.

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However, removed from the relationship with Mike, Rachel is one of the best characters Suit. Starting as a longtime legal assistant at a law firm, she rose to the top, turning down any help from her famous father, Robert Zane. She is smart, confident and extremely loyal to her friends. That said, she is not without flaws. Suit Find ways to personify the character when she makes mistakes—one of which is mentioned in the video above when she talks about having an affair.

in spite of Suit Only moderately successful, never becoming a television phenomenon, it arguably features some of the best-written female characters on the small screen. In addition to Markle’s Rachel, the show also features Donna Paulsen and Jessica Pearson, who are also hugely important to the show and have intrinsic appeal. However, unfortunately, margin The spin-off, starring Gina Torres, did not resonate with audiences and was eventually cancelled.

Source: Suits/Instagram

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