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Aussie reality TV show Love on the Spectrum premiered on Netflix back in 2019 and opened the door to a ton of discussion about autism. And in May 2022, an American version of the show delightful dating show is back with a new group of singles, a new narrator as Kellie Jones, and an autism expert and advocate, Jennifer Cook.

The show, like old times, is full of sweet moments, first-date jitters, and heartbreaks. It follows six singles on the autism spectrum from Los Angeles to Boston as they dive headfirst into the world of romance. Subodh Garg, whom we are going to discuss in the rest of the writing is one of them.

Subodh Garg On Love On The Spectrum U.S.

Subodh Garg is introduced to fans in the second episode of Love On The Spectrum U.S. In his introduction, he says he has not been on a single date before in his life. A seeming romantic, he also reveals that he is on the show so that he could find a partner and later take her all over the world.

Eventually, with the show’s relationship expert Jennifer Cook and his family helping him out, he gets ready for his first date with none other than reality star Rachel Osterbach.

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Rachel, who is fond of dogs, rubbing their bellies, and salsa dancing, was seen before on television in A&E’s docuseries Born This Way (an Emmy-winning series that is about several adults dealing with life with Down syndrome). She is an advocate for individuals with disabilities; before she became one, she worked in a mailroom for an insurance company.

On their date, viewers see Subodh and Rachel discuss their favorite movies and favorite sports, find common ground in their mutual fondness for cooking, and hence bond pretty well. But, did they also manage to go home from the show as a couple? Keep Reading!

Is Subodh Garg Dating Anyone Now?

Subodh Garg mentioned being “in a relationship” on his profile on Facebook (as of May 2022). And so, we believe he is in a relationship with none other than Rachel. Both of them are California residents and they did not seem to have moved anywhere else.

Even while still on the show, the couple seemed like they are going to end up together. Among other things, their positive personalities made them look truly compatible. Neither of them had a single negative or indifferent thing to say about each other and their dates.

And during their third date, Rachel even had technically a meeting with his parents and sister. On this day, other than cooking Pad Thai for her to show his appreciation, Subodh even had decided to officially ask her to be his girlfriend at the end of dinner.

The meeting with the family also went well as Rachel was essentially welcomed by everyone.

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Subodh Garg Family

Subodh’s father is Sunil Kumar Garg who is likely a businessman, studied at S.B College Aurangabad, and went to Ramjas School, Anand Parbat. Then, there is Anju Garg, his mum, who according to her Facebook is a CFO at Insight Examination Services, Inc and a former student at the Institute of Home Economics, Delhi University.

Subodh also has a sister named Aarti Garg. As per her Facebook, Aarti is a senior field examiner at Insight Examination Services; a former audit associate at KPMG; studied Accountancy at the University of Southern California.

The family hails from Delhi in India and was based in Cerritos, California as of the time of this writing.

Subodh Garg Height

Friendly and energetic Subodh stands below 5 feet and 8 inches tall in height.

Is Subodh Garg On Instagram?

Subodh Garg could not be found on Instagram but he was on Facebook as ‘Subodh Garg’ as of May 2022.

Subodh Garg Job

Subodh Garg is fluent in Japanese and English language as a result things have been easier for him when working as an accountant assistant, a data entry clerk, and a full and part-time student at SMC and Insight Examination (as per LinkedIn).

Insight Examination Services, over there, is the same company that his sister also works in. So, it is likely a family business.

As of the time of this writing, Subodh had been working as a shipping and receiving clerk at UPS as of May 2022 and had been doing data entry at Insight as of July 2007.

Formerly, he was also an employee at Tadi-Brothers and Hydroform USA.

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Lastly, we also learned that he expected to earn a certificate and degree in Data Entry/Computers from Santa Monica College in June 2021.

Subodh Garg Age

Subodh Garg reached the age of 33 in 2021.

  • Where Is Subodh Garg From?

Subodh hails from his hometown of Cerritos, California. Although as of 2022, he could be found based in Long Beach in Los Angeles, California.

  • When Is Subodh Garg’s Birthday?

Subodh Garg celebrates his birthday on the 2nd of June, making him a Gemini. Rachel, on the other hand, is a Sagittarius as she was born on 14 December 1982.

  • How Much Is Subodh Garg’s Net Worth?

Subodh Garg reportedly had more than $500 thousand as his net worth as of 2022. Around this time, one could see him underline money management as one of his interests, on social media. Swimming, snorkeling, and traveling around the world were others.

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