Stranger Things Star Misses Max & Eleven’s Friendship

Sadie sinks like Max strange thingsSay she remembers”friendshipBetween her character and Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven. Sink joined season 2 of the popular Netflix show as the mysterious new girl Max Mayfield. Quickly joining Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Alongside Will and Al, Max became a central member of the Hawkins family for the remainder of the season. In addition to the series, Sink appears in the Netflix horror anthology road of fear and recent videos of Taylor Swift Very good.

Over the past three seasons, Max has developed strong relationships with her fellow heroes, including a romance with Lucas and an unstable relationship with brother Billy.exist strange things In season 3, Max develops a closer friendship with Eleven as Eleven becomes more comfortable with her 80s teenage girl habits. The two teenage friends make a formidable pair, but in The new season 4 is in progress, they are already completely apart. Several important stories happened at the same time in strange things In season 4, Max and El go on different adventures in different states, Max discovers her connection to the evil Vecna ​​and El fights bullies in his new town. Miss.

Talk about type, Sink was candid about her character’s lack of friendship. She loves how their relationship develops in season 3, and she describes El’s departure as having a much bigger impact on Max than viewers expected. In fact, Brown’s character being able to open up as her only female friend might help her through her grief, and Sink thinks Eleven could use Max’s help in that, too. California. Check out the full interview quote below:

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Correct! What I think is so beautiful about Max and Eleven’s relationship in season 3 is that Eleven is clearly different from most of the girls you see. Max is also not like many of the girls you see, so they found each other and worked well together. I like to think that this was one of the first female friendships that Max actually had. So for that sort of vanishing, I think it was a really bad timing. Max could have benefited from having someone like Eleven, who she could be more than happy to open up to. Eleven can benefit from having Max as she navigates this new environment and the bullies in her world. It’s helpful to have someone like that to push her through. They could have helped each other a lot.

Max plays an important role in this strange things In season 4, become one of the most important members of the gang in the battle against Vecna. Sink recently said that she didn’t want to know how Max season 5’s story would end, she wanted to be surprised when she first read the script. She is also more open That thing Kate Bush’s song, which was widely circulated in season 4, was an integral part of Max’s survival, revealing that she repeated the song on set for the ultimate experience.

strange things‘ The greatest strength has always been the emotional core at its heart, in the form of easy-going, likable characters. As the friendship continues to grow, it becomes even more important as characters like Max and El separate. strange things Season 4, Episode 2, and two more episodes of the new season are coming, giving the two a chance to reunite as they battle the ultimate evil together. Until then, the two will have to face different demons.

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