Stranger Things: 10 Fan Fiction Relationships We Wish Were Real

strange things is a movie that reminds us of our childhood, and for some, it also evokes nostalgia for a time they never knew. With an air of mystery and well-written characters, the film won the hearts of both teenagers and adults.

Part of the appeal of the show is the couples we see. However, we don’t always get to enjoy some of the couples that can be cute, so here are 10 fan fiction relationships that we wish were real.

Henler (Dustin Henderson & Mike Wheeler)

Dustin and Mike may not be a very popular ship, but it exists for understandable reasons. Dustin and Mike are very good friends and seem to know each other well. Mike’s relationship with Dustin is unlike his relationship with Lucas and Will.

Of course, Dustin and Mike already have a strong enough relationship, but some fans like to consider them more than just friends. If they were an on-screen couple, they’d probably be the ones making fun of everyone since they both seem to enjoy things like this.

The Madman (Mike Wheeler & Max Mayfield)

When Max Mayfield was introduced in the show’s second season, many fans thought she might be the reason Mike and Eleven’s relationship failed. However, things get less complicated and Mike ends up with a score of eleven.

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Still, it’s fun to imagine what it would be like if Mike and Max were a couple. Both have very stubborn personalities, especially Max. They may argue a lot, but in the end they make up.

Wileven (Will Byers and Eleven)

It’s interesting that Eleven and Will find common ground. Due to Eleven’s connection to the Upside Down and Will’s involuntary presence there, the two begin to understand each other in that sense.

If Will and Eleven were closer in the Upside-Down experience, they could be an on-screen couple. In this case, it’s more likely that Mike is still in love with Eleven and jealous of her. Or, he might have gotten attached to Max and ended up with her.

Ronans (Robin Buckley & Nancy Wheeler)

Ever since Robin was revealed to be a lesbian, many fans have longed to see Robin happy with her lover. Now, she’s left with only Steve’s ill-fated (but still sweet) confession, although she replies that she prefers girls to boys.

Season four could introduce potential girlfriends to Robin, but for now, we only have Nancy to keep her company. After all, they’re both smart and beautiful, and both were once Steve’s lovers, although the two girls don’t interact much on screen.

Sonathan (Steve Harrington & Jonathan Byers)

Like shipping two older girls, fans have resorted to pairing the boys. Steve and Jonathan go from enemies to best friends, and their friendship continues to grow. No wonder they are sometimes considered a potential couple.

Both have dated Nancy and both are good looking. At the same time, their personalities are completely different, Jonathan is a loner, Steve is a celebrity. It also creates an interesting dynamic of watching Jonathan shy away while Steve is more or less in charge.

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Dumax (Dustin Henderson & Max Mayfield)

Dustin and Max’s boat is a possible couple that never happens. Lucas and Dustin compete for Max’s attention until Max decides to become Lucas’ girlfriend and date him.

However, Dustin eventually finds a girl of his own, though it’s interesting to imagine what Dustin and Max’s relationship will be like. They would definitely be as sweet as Lucas and Max right now.

Byler (Mike Wheeler & Will Byers)

Weird things Michael Weir

Another LGBT character on the show could be Will, so he’s obviously going to have some kind of boat that fans made for him. It has been suggested many times that Will might have a crush on Mike, which is why such a pairing makes sense.

In the first season, all three of Will’s friends are worried when Will disappears, but Mike seems to be the most worried. If Mike is revealed to be gay and they end up together, they could become a very caring and protective couple.

Elmax (Eleven and Max Mayfield)

Stranger Things Eleven and Max eat ice cream

Like some boys who were picked up because of their special friendship, Eleven and Max are a couple admired for their close relationship. At first, Max seems like the eccentric in the group, and Eleven doesn’t really want to see her around. But over time, they start to respect each other and become friends.

Two girls sharing secrets, shopping together, asking each other’s advice and doing all the girly things a friend would do. Of course, some fans think it’s not just about friendship, but maybe another reality.

Steubin (Steve Harrington & Robin Buckley)

Steve and Robin go to the mall to make ice cream in their sailor suits

This is probably the couple that many fans expect and look forward to, but it did not come true because of an unexpected twist. A romantic relationship between Steve and Robin is almost impossible because Robin doesn’t like men at all.

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But if Robin is not a lesbian, then the two must be romantically involved. They get along well and have one of the best dynamics on the show. Still, it’s great to see them become friends.

Murrlexi (Murray Bowman & Alexie)

Murray and Alexie in Stranger Things Season 3

The saddest thing about this ship is that one of the two is dead, but that somehow makes it a more intriguing couple. Sad stories are always more touching than happy stories. Murray Bauman and Alexei may seem like an unlikely duo, but they end up becoming fan favorites.

Murray and Alexei can go from friends to lovers, a common story in movies and literature. It feels like they’ve both discovered their own language, and perhaps they’ll ignore everything that’s going on around them in order to revel in each other’s company.

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