Strange optical illusion baffles fans as Colchester star ‘kicks his rival hard in the ribs’ but some claim no contact

COLCHESTER and Tranmere fans witnessed what appeared to be an incredible optical illusion at Saturday’s League Two match at the Colchester Community Stadium.

The hosts won a penalty in the 65th minute and Connor Hall celebrated passionately with the customary fist bump.


Colchester win a penalty against Tranmere in League Two Credit: Sky Sports NewsColchester's Connor Hall appears to have beaten Tranmere's Tom Davies


Colchester’s Connor Hall appears to have hit Tranmere’s Tom Davies Credit: Sky Sports News

But he managed it by beating Tranmere’s Tom Davies who reacted momentarily in shock but remained on his feet.

Many claim that Hall actually punched Davies in the ribs during his celebration.

Some fans have taken to Twitter to complain, as they insist the striker should have been sent off with a straight red.

They also praised Davies’ grit as the defender didn’t slump or dive to fake a red card.

One fan said: “That must be a light RED for the Colchester lad… that didn’t look like a kick in the air from a Tranmere player.” [sic] face…”

Another posted: “Absolute shame, so unprofessional and unsportsmanlike.

“The FA need to see this and to me the accusation against the player is fully deserved, it is wrong and unacceptable, it is an attack.”

A third commented: “This is really bad, I hope it gets investigated by the EFL. Fair play to the lad for not making a big deal out of it.”

This fan said: “This is definitely malicious, fair play to the Tranmere player who was left standing. I think he was too shocked to react.”

And he tweeted: “Three games suspension for violent behavior.”

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However, there are also many fans who insist that this is just an optical illusion.

They claim that Hall was actually celebrating and there is no way he could have hit Davies or the Tranmere ace would have collapsed in excruciating pain.


But many claim that this strange incident was just an optical illusion.


But many claim the bizarre incident was just an optical illusionCredit: Sky Sports News

One fan tweeted: “He pulled his arm last minute. Davies reacted with surprise but no pain. Colchester lucky he didn’t make contact.”

Another wrote: “Calm down, calm down, I’ve never touched it.”

A third announced: “I don’t think he touched it…”

This fan said: “He doesn’t touch it. He wants to, but he moves away.”

And he tweeted: “Look, he’s not hitting him, he’s actually scaring him.” [Davies]. His [sic] like an optical illusion.

Noah Chilvers then scored from the spot to cancel out Tranmere ace Harvey Read Saunders’ opening goal to give Colchester an important point after a 1–1 draw.

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