Steven Tyler Was Accused Of Sexual Assault By His Former Girlfriend Julia Holcomb

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler has been charged with “sexual assault, sexual violence and intentional mental distress of a minor” in a new lawsuit filed by his former lover Julia Holcomb. This article includes references to the relationship between adults and minors, as well as forced abortions. Care should be taken. According to court records obtained by Rolling Stone, Holcomb said she had sex with Tyler shortly after her 16th birthday in 1973. Tyler, now 74, should have been 25 years old at the time. generation.

During their supposed romance, the two were 9 years apart in age. Holcomb said she met the musician at an Aerosmith show in Portland and he dropped her off at his hotel after the event. She went on to say that Tyler drove her to the next Aerosmith concert in Seattle after their first date and eventually convinced her mother to let him become Holcomb’s legal guardian. Julia Holcomb also alleges that Steven Tyler forced her to have an abortion when she was pregnant with his child at the age of 17.

Everything you need to know about Julia Holcomb’s lawsuit against Steven Tyler.

Julia Holcomb, the alleged ex-girlfriend of Steven Tyler, was romantically involved with him when she was a child. She recently sued the leader of Aerosmith, accusing him of assault, assault, and emotional distress. Holcomb is said to live in Portland and met Tyler during an Aerosmith concert in the 1970s. She said that after the event, the singer took her to his hotel room and she told him. about his age and her difficult home life.

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Tyler allegedly “performed many illegal sex acts with her” and drove her home the next morning in a taxi. Holcomb said the guitarist, after performing additional physical acts on her, drove her to the next Aerosmith event in Seattle, then drove her back to Portland the next day.

Steven Tyler is said to have convinced Julia Holcomb’s mother to let him become her legal guardian in 1974. He is said to have promised to find Holcomb and send her to school. According to Holcomb’s lawsuit, Tyler “failed to live up to those assurances” and continued to travel with her while abusing her and providing her with drugs and alcohol.

Julia Holcomb was 17 years old when she became pregnant with Steven Tyler’s child in 1975. In the complaint, she says the singer pressured her to have an abortion and threatened to end support if she didn’t do it. So. Although Holcomb did not specifically identify Tyler in her current lawsuit, instead naming the defendants as defendants Doe 1 and Does 2 to 50, she has frequently spoken about the alleged abuse she he suffered at the hands of the singer.

Holcomb stated in a 2011 post that her and Tyler’s apartment caught fire and she was forced to have an abortion after being rushed to the hospital for a fire:

“I was devastated when I went home to my mother. That night I couldn’t sleep because I dreamed I had a miscarriage and a fire. The world seemed a bleak place.”

According to reports, Holcomb returned to Portland after leaving Tyler to start a new life as a devout Catholic. In March for Life 2012, she also spoke out against Tyler’s actions. In his 2011 book, Steven Tyler discussed his relationship with Julia Holcomb. He admitted he “almost married a young bride” after “the girl’s parents fell in love with me [and] signed a petition asking me to get custody so I wouldn’t be prosecuted if I took her out of state.”

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The artist also said that he took her on tour, but their relationship was mutual. Tyler even stated that the couple previously decided to have an abortion together because they were sure the prospect would ruin their lives:

“It’s a huge crisis. When you develop something with a woman, it’s a big deal, but they convinced us it’s never going to work and it’s going to ruin lives.” ours.”

Steven Tyler

In her case, Holcomb claimed that she was featured in the thank you for Tyler’s book without her permission and her name was misspelled as “Julia Halcomb” .” The woman also accused Tyler of “unintended embarrassment” because he described their meeting as more like a “romantic and loving relationship” in his novel. At the time of writing, Steven Tyler and his team have not yet responded to the current case.

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